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Photo : Jillian Bilawchuk & Karrin Saliger March 26, 2014

Katie Brickman - Between the Lines

A better understanding of suicide - I lost a friend to suicide while I was in university. It still hurts to talk about him in my group of friends back home. Heading off to post-secondary school can be an exciting, but overwhelming time in teenagers’ lives. When my core group of friends headed in different direction for school, we all promised to stay in touch. We did that and we celebrated the time we had together. We still do even though some of us live in different provinces. For some, change is a difficult thing to handle and anxiety settles in. Living alone and struggling with grades can bring on even more emotions. My friend that died of suicide had issues going on in his life. I do not know the reasoning for his decision and I don’t think I want to know. It wouldn’t make that loss any easier to deal with then or now, years later. Last week, as a member of the media, I was invited to join the Moose Jaw Warriors in their safeTALK presentation. The three-hour program was focused towards the players, organizational staff and billets to watch for changes in a person. It was about being alert and paying attention to change in people in your life. It could be a change in mood, personality, drug and alcohol use, withdrawing or being uncharacteristically late for events. The Warriors held this presentation to help their athletes have a better understanding of depression and the stigma that goes along with suicide. Hockey players are known to be…

Photo : Katie Brickman October 27, 2014
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