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Jillian Bilawchuk & Karrin Saliger - Designer Confessions

Defining your Space - When something just isn’t working in your living room or it just doesn’t seem to feel complete, one of the first things that I look at is the area rug. Is there even an area rug? Often times when you have just built new or just renovated and put in new hardwood floors, people (men in particular) do not want to cover the new wood floor up with an area rug. But the reality is, an area rug is essential to define your space, add texture and pull the room together. An area rug is the grounding piece to your room. It is like the foundation that holds all the other pieces together visually. However, unlike the bottom piece that holds the lego blocks together it doesn’t have to be the first piece to your puzzle. Even though it is the grounding piece, it can often times be left until last. Making it like the icing on the cake. First things first, define the feel or style you want your room to have. Look at the items that definitely have to stay such as pieces that are sentimental or you cannot afford to change. These are your starting pieces. Secondly look at the optional items. These are items that you like and could stay in the room if they fit with the developing plan, but could also be relocated, sold or donated. Next is to determine if your starting pieces have any limitations on color or style. Often times the thing that is limiting and…

Photo : Jillian Bilawchuk & Karrin Saliger March 26, 2014

Katie Brickman - Between the Lines

Thank you readers - Change is a necessary part of life. In order to grow and learn, we need change. After three and a half years at the Times-Herald, it is time to move on. When I was offered the sports reporter position in August 2011, I first had to look on a map to find where Moose Jaw was actually located. I had a plan to stay here for one year and then move back home to Ontario to a different paper. However, this community has changed me. I have never lived in a place where generosity towards others happens like here in the Friendly City. Through my time at the paper, I have been able to meet some very bright, honest, caring people. Thank you for letting me into your lives and to tell your stories. It has been a privilege to be a part of this team – past and present – at the Times-Herald and continue to bring you readers the sports and news that matters in this community. I have learned a lot about myself through this position in sports as well as the times I have filled in on the news side. I will take the positive and negative experiences with me into the future. Reporting can be a thankless job, but many of the teams, athletes, coaches and others have made my job easier and fulfilling. Being able to watch and write about sports for a living has never felt like a job. Wednesday will be my last day at the Times-Herald…

Photo : Katie Brickman November 10, 2014

Matthew Gourlie - Warriors Notebook

Warriors forwards ice time - One of the advantages of having the first round televised and there being a week between series allowed me to answer a question I've long been curious about: just how much ice time do the Warriors forwards get?   It goes without saying that Brayden Point plays a lot. So, for that matter, do the Warriors top two lines. But what I was wondering was just how much is a lot and is there any way of putting that in context.   I clocked the ice time for all of the Warriors forwards in Games 4 and 5 of the Prince Albert series. I chose those two games mostly because they were the Warriors' two best games of the series. I did two games because if I spent any more time working the pause button with a stop watch and a notebook in hand I was going to be single soon.    These numbers will not be perfect, but I'm confident that they're very close. I would say I'm out maybe a second or two on any shift that didn't end with a whistle because I couldn't see the bench for the exact changes. Over the course of the game that could lead to a discrepancy of maybe 15 seconds at most for the top players. So with that in mind, here are the ice times for those two games:   Game 4 Game 5 Point 24:09 26:09 Gregor 23:16 27:40 Hunt 24:00 26:08 Jeannot 20:24 20:00 Howden 22:42 22:24 Halbgewachs 17:40 21:57 Shynkaruk 12:22…

Photo : Matthew Gourlie April 08, 2016