Color Trends 2014

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Happy New Year to you and yours and welcome to 2014! I just wanted to begin by saying that the past year has brought so many changes for me and I am incredibly grateful for the love and support I’ve received since moving home and starting my own business. At this time last year, I definitely didn’t think I would be doing what I’m doing but I am incredibly happy that everything has worked out the way it has.

Now, on to the good stuff!

At the beginning of every season, everyone is always wondering what the upcoming trends are so they can get ahead of the decorating game. Well, let me fill you in on a little secret, its COLOR!  I realize that it can be a daunting change to brighten (or darken) up a wall, add a big punch of color or introduce a bold pattern, but I promise that it will be worth it!

Something I’ve started seeing a lot are dark, moody walls in colors such as Benjamin Moore’s Black Satin (2131-10) or Willow (CC-542). This can be especially scary because most people think that it will make a space appear smaller. It can be true in some cases but if you decorate properly, it can make a huge statement. Adding metallic or reflective pieces such as mirrors or silver and gold accessories (don’t be afraid to mix metals!) will brighten up even the darkest or smallest space. In my opinion, painting the walls dark in a bathroom is the easiest way to add interest and depth against the white of your sink and toilet, and metallic shine of your fixtures.  If painting the wall or walls dark is too much for you, you could always try a dark, geometric patterned wallpaper in hexagons, circles or any other tightly formed shapes.

If you want to flip to the opposite end of the spectrum, bright colors will also be extremely popular. Blue is going to be a big one in 2014 and shades like Marine Blue (Benjamin Moore 2059-10) or Admiral Blue (2065-10) can help you achieve that cutting edge style. If you are using dark colors such as these, make sure to keep your furniture and accessories light and neutral. Other colors that are carrying over to 2014 are burnt orange, coral and emerald green.

If you still are not quite sure about punches of color and want to stick to a neutral color palette, I suggest something a little different than the usual. Colors such as Distant Gray (2124-70), Wickham Gray (HC-171), White Dove (OC-17) or Mt. Rainier Gray (2129-60) are great new neutral colors. You could also try shades with more brown in them such as Clay Beige (OC-11) or Castleton Mist (HC-1).

One last option would be to meet in the middle of neutrals and bright colors and opt for pastels. There are a ton of options in lighter, more airy tones that will still give your room a different and interesting feel. There are pinks such as Peach Parfait (2175-70), Fruit Shake (2088-60) or Coral Essence (2007-40) that can be paired beautifully with golds, linens, or whites for a feminine feel. Blues like Palladian Blue (HC-144), Caribbean Teal (2123-20) or Van Deusen Blue (HC-156) that look elegant with woods, whites or espresso furniture. Or purples such as Lavender Mist (2070-60), Iced Mauve (2115-50) or Supernova (1414). 

With whatever you choose, be confident. There is no wrong answer; it comes down to what is appealing to you! If you have any questions about color or decorating, feel free to give either Jillian or myself a call or visit at the store, we will be happy to help! 

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