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Devote some time to your mom

Motherhood is a tough, 24-hour job that is thankless.

Although I am not a mom, I now realize how much my mother did for me and my three sisters.

I also see what seems to be expected from moms today.

My mom — and dad — did everything they could to make sure their children got what they needed and wanted.

Each of us played multiple sports, from swimming and gymnastics in our early years to softball every summer. I played almost every school sport as well. We were not a cheap bunch, that’s for sure.

My mom coached my sister and I every summer on the diamond. That didn’t just involve standing on the third base line and telling us when to run home.

She made sure that we practiced, drove us around to games, made sure we were fed before every game and most importantly, fuelled that love for the game every time we stepped on the diamond.

She sat on boards and helped fundraise so that we and other girls in my home community could continue to play softball every summer.

In my high school days, she was there in the stands cheering on my team and supporting me while I played basketball, cross-country or track and field. I always had new shoes and the financial support to play in all these activities.

Sports are expensive and even more so today.  It is hard to imagine how much she and my dad scarified so their four children could play sports. 

The moms that drive around their kids to soccer, hockey, gymnastics, dance and lacrosse are the best supporters of their children and will do anything to make sure they enjoy being active and succeed in whatever they choose to do.

My mom was there for me at the biggest events of my life — my high school graduation, driving back and forth to Brantford, Ont. every weekend to pick me up and drop me off at university, my university convocation and she drove out with me to Moose Jaw when I started my job here almost three years ago.

Even though we have all grown up and have moved out of my parents’ house, we all know that my mom would sacrifice everything for us.

Moms today are just as busy as their kids are — between gym classes, demanding careers, supporting those kids at their events and making sure everyone is fed and clean. 

On Sunday, we have the opportunity to devote our time and attention to our moms. I can’t get back to Ontario to celebrate my mom, but I am thankful she gave me the strength and ability to do what I do every day.

She believed in me and I can’t thank her enough for that.

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