Tolmie throws out first challenge for mayor's chair

Lisa Goudy
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At a press conference on Thursday, Coun. Fraser Tolmie announced his intention to run for mayor in the upcoming municipal election at the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa.

Coun. Fraser Tolmie announced his intention to run as mayor in the upcoming municipal election on Thursday at a press conference at the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa.

“For me this is a passion and I believe that this is a natural progression, a step-up as opposed to a step-down,” said 42-year-old Tolmie. “I think the City of Moose Jaw has been looking for someone within my age group that can represent all people. I grew up respecting your elders but understanding that you were building a future for the use of today.”

Tolmie has served has city councillor for the past three years. He said his priorities include attracting new businesses to the city and establishing a long-term plan to build growth in the city.

“There are different roles as a mayor and I believe actively promoting this city, attracting new businesses, but also looking out for what we’ve done and what we have is very important,” said Tolmie. “So there’s more than just one job. There’s more than just one role. I don’t think my age is a factor here. I think it’s an asset.”

He said while change has occurred during his tenure on council, he plans to keep the momentum going if elected as mayor. He said getting skills and jobs for the city is important and one of his priorities.

“There are businesses out there that are looking, but are we looking for them? So that’s what I think one of the roles of the mayor is to do is to promote the city,” said Tolmie. “We’ve got to show that off. It’s a bit of show-and-tell.”

Some of the existing issues he feels still need addressing are infrastructure and recycling. He said Moose Jaw is 30 years behind in recycling programs.

“I’m very, very disappointed that we do not have a curbside recycling program already in place. I’ve sat in council for three years waiting for that to come through,” said Tolmie. “This is something to me that is again common sense that should be coming through that we should’ve had this done and dusted and we should be moving on.”

Tolmie said when he was first elected to council he had campaigned on a plan for the engineering department to do more than fix roads and go back to put in water lines. He said he believes there are long-term solutions and critical thinking is required.

“You got to be able to elect a mayor that can deal with the problems that we have existing, clean up the stuff that we’ve got, but have a vision for the future,” said Tolmie. “It’s not about my ego. It’s about moving this city forward and being passionate about the job.”

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Recent comments

  • Tax Payer
    September 13, 2012 - 02:21

    Thing I don't like about it all is that he says he's for a curbside program for years, but through it all he said nada about it. How do you finance it? Last garbage issue I saw was his voting in favour of the winter big-weekly garbage pickup. Do ppl remember that one and the reaction to it?? Moose Jaw does have a private pay for recycling program and I encourage ppl to use it. But let's face it should ppl be forced into a program they maybe don't want nor can afford. Let's look at the condition of our sidewalks and then ask who's responsible for this and truthfully how much did this councilor say about that. I ask people not to judge him on personality, but what did he really accomplish in council??? He's goaded another councillor with sexist comments "man up". Participated in a debate then after stating his side of the issue declared a personal conflict of interest. What is that? For me it's obvious he fails to understand what are the rules for ensuring council decisions are made for all and not in the interest of a few. Progressive thinker??? I think not. Moose Jaw is suppose to be accepting and open to all. I wonder what he would do and say if asked to sign a proclamation for a group he personally does not agree with? Think and look at his record then decide. Thank you.

  • Stu Pud
    September 11, 2012 - 18:18

    Business has taken its course, that trickle down theory, how's that workin for ya? Yes, I remember how it was the working class and the poor that caused all the financial turmoil throughout the world. Good thing the big business boys still got their bonuses while those darn greedy working people asked for a piece of the pie. Heaven forbid we would want to become a society that puts people before profits. WAKE UP! Bye Bye Fraser!

  • B
    September 08, 2012 - 00:23

    If you have ever watched city council, note the sleepy resemblance to Shwingy.

  • lyle
    September 06, 2012 - 23:43

    i agree with Mr Tolmie thinking we need to be in the 2012 thinking not still the 50 s things like the roads need to be done properly not band aids like has been going on for years. sask is growing but we stay the same why - old way of doing business old thinking good luck

  • Jackie
    September 06, 2012 - 22:57

    This is too good to be true, not only will he not get the mayor job he will be off city council. Best news I have heard since Hagel decided not to run.

    • Ron Prather
      September 07, 2012 - 21:59

      I am glad Fraser is running for Mayor, he is a progressive thinker which is a long way from what we have had previously. We need to get away from a socialist/ idealist and let business take its course.