Luhning seeks re-election

Lisa Goudy
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Dawn Luhning

Incumbent Coun. Dawn Luhning isn’t ready to quit municipal politics.

Luhning dropped off her nomination papers seeking re-election to city council in the upcoming municipal election on Oct. 24.

“I think there’s still lots to do and I love being a part of city council and basically just love the city,” said Luhning. “I think there’s lots more greatness to come as long as we do things the right way.”

Luhning was first elected to council in 2003 and has been re-elected every term since. She said council should get its priorities in order.

“Moose Jaw has the potential to be great. I think that we just need to dig our heels in a little bit deeper and maybe reign some of the overspending in a little bit and focus on things that really are (part of) the municipality’s priority,” said Luhning.

She said one of those priorities is infrastructure, including sidewalks, roads, sewer and water systems, parks and urban planning. She added that the councils of the past has been sidetracked and helped only specific groups instead of helping the community as a whole.

For instance, she said the past six years have been spent developing new downtown facilities, but she feels other things have been neglected.

“Not one thing makes a community. There are a number of different vehicles that make a community,” said Luhning. “What we need to focus on is economic development and bringing jobs here and bringing ways for people to stay.”

Luhning said since she began on council, the population of Moose Jaw has hovered around 32,000. She said there isn’t a lot of job choice so many people are going elsewhere to find jobs.

“We really need to take a long hard look at what drives the community to grow and prosper,” said Luhning. “When we have graduates from SIAST, probably the majority of them looking elsewhere to find a job, it's something even into (my) ninth year (on council) we still don’t have a handle on, how do we tackle that?”

She said the city should reform its thought process. For example at city hall, some employees punch time cards. She said the government should work quietly in the background role and make better fiscal decisions.

Coming from a background in financing, Luhning said those skills plus her past council experience would help the city and budgeting decisions.

“I’d like to make this the best city, the most attractive, forward-thinking advanced city that isn’t afraid of change, isn’t afraid to do things differently and that this is a place where young families want to live and work,” said Luhning.

For more information on Luhning’s campaign, visit her website at or contact her through Twitter or Facebook.

Geographic location: Moose Jaw

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Recent comments

  • Tom S
    September 20, 2012 - 11:01

    CMB I'm sorry for you... that you see a world full of dishonest and vindictive people. Paranoia...I see Moose Javians who want to better our city. Who want to offer to help make us better. Who don't want to waste precious Monday nights fighting.I don't see that in Luhning and Swanson....The Fab2 (they need a name too and that's the politest one I could think of).

  • Tom S
    September 20, 2012 - 10:54

    It's a really easy job to complain! What I want from Swanson and Luhning is good solid forward-thinking ideas....not "we need to fix sidewalks and waterlines"! HOW??? HOW??? What is YOUR plan? What ideas do YOU have? Step up with an idea. They have both spend their entire "careers" (and that's how they see this job) solely shooting down others that actually come with an idea! If they get re-elected I challenge them to actually "work" and bring IDEAS to each meeting...not complaints! Time will tell.

  • B
    September 19, 2012 - 23:01

    Toms, You forget that there are 4 other councillors and a mayor. What have they done for us taxpayers, but put us into a deep debt that will require our city to borrow large sums of money to do the things that really matter like water and sewer pipelines , streets and side walks and other costly infrastructure needs. You call Mc Bain and the Fab5 fiscally responsible, what about Hagel and his band of merry women and men. They are the majority of council. Remember 5-2. Be honest, what did these people actually do for the good of this city. They cost us alot of money and where is all this economic developement you say Swanson and Luhning are holding up? If you think you could do better put your name out there and run. If you are lucky your agenda will align with the Fab5 crowd and you can have the satisfaction of driving Moose Jaw deeper in debt and feel good about all the tax you will get to pay.

  • Tom S
    September 19, 2012 - 18:34

    It's funny how Luhning and Swanson both say that they have more to do....really in all that time you've had ,you couldn't get it even started or done? Swanson said "we really haven't gotten that far" really? I wonder why that is? When will these two stop sucking off the public purse and given someone else a chance to grow our population, bring jobs, deal with infrastructure and all the rest of list they pull out every 3 years but never even start. They both seem to think they are the only two "fiscally responsible" people in this city. You've had your turn at didn't succeed, so step aside and let someone really get something done now!!! It's your time to stretch your wings and fly away!!

    • Taxpayer
      September 19, 2012 - 23:35

      Pretty tough Tom when you get voted down 4-3 every time you attempt to make any suggestion or bring forth an idea with some semblance of fiscal responsibility or logic. Do you pay any attention to Council proceedings at all? If Luhning or Swanson made a motion saying the sun comes up in the east the rest of this bunch (and the last) would vote to have it come up in the west.

    • CMB
      September 20, 2012 - 02:10

      How can they get anything done? They are always shot down. It isn't them that are saying they are the only two fiscally responsible people. It is most of this city. That is why they get the most votes. We would be totally ignorant of what is going on at city Hall if it wasn't for them.They are doing what we want them to. To keep them all honest down there.