Don McKenzie is running for council

Lisa Goudy
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Don McKenzie

Don McKenzie is running for council.

“I’ve been on committees and everything for the city for a few years now and I’ve been frustrated with the way the city sometimes operates and this is the main reason why I’m entering the race,” said McKenzie, 57. “Maybe we can figure out a better way to operate this city than how we are now.”

McKenzie has been a member of the Environmental Advisory Committee to council since 2009 and was recently appointed the chairman. He is a member of some other sub-committees including the Transportation Committee.

McKenzie would like to see the curbside recycling program implemented and the infrastructure fixed.

“The infrastructure that we have to rebuild in the city, I think, one of the ways that we can do it is, come budget time, that we allocate 'X' amount of percentage of the budget towards fixing our infrastructure whether it be sewer or sidewalks, water,” he said.

“That major water line we have between our water plant and the city, if it ever broke, we have no back-up … That’s one thing we have to put in because if we lose our main water line, we are in big trouble.”

He would also like to improve communication. For instance, the former Civic Centre recycling bins were relocated to the southwest corner of Sobey’s parking lot without council consultation. He said the Environmental Advisory Committee had previously informed council and the engineering department of possible bin locations.

“Just the way the management, the chain of command has been working, it’s not functioning very well,” said McKenzie.

He said his main priority is bringing industry back to Moose Jaw. While he said it is great to have new restaurants and retail outlets cropping up to create jobs, they are creating low-entry jobs.

“We need jobs for people that are going to be able to afford to buy a house,” said McKenzie, suggesting industries such as potash and oil.

He added that housing also should be addressed. Projects such as Yara’s Belle Plaine plant and the K+S plant at Bethune are primarily hiring SIAST workers. Those workers should be encouraged to settle in Moose Jaw.

McKenzie has been in business for 26 years and used to own a trucking business. He is now a grandfather and semi-retired business owner of a water business. McKenzie said he is willing to listen and act.

“I know how a business is supposed to be run and this is how a city should be run — like a business where you have checks and balances,” said McKenzie. “We have to protect our infrastructure. We don’t buy a piece of equipment and expect it to last forever. You have to start replacing it.”

Organizations: Environmental Advisory Committee, Transportation Committee, K+S

Geographic location: Moose Jaw, Sobey, Belle Plaine

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Recent comments

  • B
    October 12, 2012 - 21:17

    I agree totally, not to mention having to look at the ugly Blue bin sitting in my front yard. I feel it should be optional and up to the individual house hold as to how they choose to recycle. Make the drop off points user friendly and keep the mess cleaned up and people will use them. Pla Mor site is a disaster.

  • Maxine Peebles
    October 05, 2012 - 15:58

    I am against being forced to pay for curbside re-cyling. We are low/midde class seniors and would find it a burden to add another high monthly bill to our already high residental taxes. We do re-cyle, are environment friendly and would consider curb side re-cyle only and if 4-5 residents could pool together. I think it should be a resident's choice if they would like re-cycle bins, not forced on residents.

    • Don McKenzie
      October 12, 2012 - 11:54

      I can appreciate in what you are saying. This is why I have been saying that we are still planning out what the city is going to do for the curbside recycling. There has been no costs yet been set or if the city will do it or if it will private or a combination of both. There will public forums coming in the next months so the public can ask questions and by then we hope to have all the answers. So I ask everyone to keep a open mind on this. Thank you Don McKenzie Chairperson Enviroment Advisory Committee City of Moose Jaw