Lean system promoters make big promises on future of healthcare in Moose Jaw

Adam Miller
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David Chambers, the architect of the Lean system at the proposed new hospital in Moose Jaw, spoke to a crowd of more than 100 people at the Heritage Inn on Tuesday night. Times-Herald photo by Adam Miller.

Representatives from Five Hills Health Region and healthcare experts spoke to more than 100 Moose Javians last night at the Heritage Inn, updating the public on a new hospital and new healthcare concepts for the future of the city.

John Liguori, an executive director at Five Hills Health Region, said that they were not ready to make an announcement on the location of the proposed new hospital in Moose Jaw as of yet.

"We're not going to have all of the answers tonight," he said, adding that they had narrowed down a preferred site for the hospital and an announcement will be made within four to six weeks on the final location.

"It is a high priority for the Health Region, the partners and the city of Moose Jaw."

Liguori also added that interviews had been conducted on Tuesday for future staff of the proposed hospital and announcement will be made regarding hirings in one week.

David Chambers, an American healthcare expert hired to be the "coach" of the proposed new hospital, led the discussion and focused on implementing a more direct and faster system for future patients called Lean.

"Our current healthcare system is not sustainable," Chambers said, adding that patients should be receiving the highest value for the services provided by hospitals.

The new Lean system makes far-reaching promises including much less travel time and waiting for patients - essentially doing away with forcing patients to move around a hospital on their own, check-in at different areas and wait hours on end for service.

He added that the new system of streamlining patients could result in 45 percent more patient outcomes with the same amount of staff, while eliminating hand-offs from different departments.

"It's about removing waste from the system ... and more and better care with the current system," he said.

"Lean is about value pulled to our patients and defined by our patients. These concepts are revolutionary and do work."

Chambers argued that all of the waiting forced on patients within the current system leads to more costs in the future and mentioned examples of hospitals in the US that take in 50,000 patients a year with no wait times, to the disbelief of the crowd.

Chambers also added that within this system, the proposed hospital will have 31 fewer beds than the Moose Jaw Union Hospital - down to 74 from the current 105.

He called the current system of healthcare a "randomized assembly line" with "so many disconnects between areas of service" and hoped to take the proposed new hospital "from a factory to a place designed for human interaction" within the Lean system.

In addition to the 74 beds currently planned, the new hospital would have 48 universal care platform rooms, essentially designed to get patients in and out in under 24 hours.

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  • I wonder
    January 27, 2012 - 08:49

    J Taylor,I was at the site of the new mine about 6 weeks ago,and here's how you get there.The first turn going east on the top of the hill north of the lake,turn right.Then travel approx 15 to 20kms down that grid.You will then come to a crossroad intersection,turn and go south till you come to an old farmsite.Your there,you can't miss it.I hope this helps,as this is the way I went.

  • j taylor
    January 26, 2012 - 16:38

    you right sorry i didn't precisely pinpoint the exact location of the mine. But that solves the logistics because it's not on the other side of the lake now? nOpe just moves it 100 k down the road. Next snow fall I would propose you pretend to be an ambulance and take the No 2 from Moose jaw to bethune.

    January 26, 2012 - 11:22

    I wonder the only road to cross the lake is that rinky dink bridge where a crane fell in last summer trying to fix it. Toon town and Regina are accessed on a major double laned highway. you can speculate all you want. but I can tell you right now going the route they need to go would be a last resort.

  • I wonder
    January 25, 2012 - 17:51

    J taylor, the new potash plant is just on the north side of buffalo pound lake.This puts the mine about 28 miles to mj,140-150 miles from s'toon and about 40 miles from regina.Depending on the urgency of the situation,mj might be the preffered location.Regina has patients being treated in the hallways,so if are hospital is downsized in the bed count,with mj'S ageing population ,I WOULD SUGGEST BUILDING WIDE HALLWAYS IN OUR NEW FACILITY.

  • J Taylor Wrong
    January 25, 2012 - 17:38

    The new mine is near Bethune/Findlater,so you Sir or Miss need to get your facts straight thats a long way from Davidson,just your statement about that shows that you need to educate yourself on a lot of things,Sk geography being just one.

  • j taylor
    January 25, 2012 - 17:19

    Just a couple of points. If you want that kind of interaction with a DR, you would go to a general practitioner not the hospital, having 2 kids and 1 minor surgery, i never really interacted with the doctor as it is. Next the new mine is out by davidson dont know an emt in their right mind that would vie for moose jaw over saskatoon or Regina. (don't make things up). Moose jaw needs to accept that we're not a major center which is why this project has sat on the back burner for so long improving surgery wait times and building the kids hospital which does not exsist in this province SHOULD take precident over a town of 35,000 with an NDP sense of entitlement. you seem to ignore the fact that there will still be emergency facilities and 48 platform rooms meant for 24 hr turn around. but hey why would you look at all the facts when you can just make things up.

  • Keep it in America
    January 25, 2012 - 15:55

    Just great a bunch of b.s. from an American,one step closer to killing our health care system as we know it.Hospitals in the US that have taken in 50,000 patients in a year with no wait times,where were these hospitals and how big are they,seems to me we will be treated like cattle being given shots and moved quickly down the chute with no or little interaction with the Drs that treat us.Cutting back on beds is just more b.s. has the health district given no thought in regards to population expansion in the M.J. area especially with all of the new industry that has come in the way of the expansion at Mosaic,the new Ethonal plant and the new K+S potash mine coming soon?I suppose if there were a major accident at one of these plants that would be Regina's problem?What would happen if there were a major accident on the #1 highway involving many vehicles including say a school bus and the "lean hospital" was already at max capacity that particular day,what then?An extra 15-20 patients would turn the place upside down,what would they do kick 20 patients out to make room or just re-direct the incoming casualties to Regina or maybe Saskatoon?In my opinion this is just taking us one step closer to an American style health care system.As I have seen over time the wishes of the few outgun the concerns of the many in the M.J. area,this will be yet another huge mistake for this area of the province.