Police to carry Tasers by summer

Justin Crann
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A Moose Jaw Police Service officer showcases a Taser. The device initially fires with 50,000 volts of electricity and then delivers additional, considerably smaller pulses of about 1,200 volts over time while the trigger is held.

Following equipment checks and recertification, Moose Jaw Police Service (MJPS) officers could be carrying Tasers as early as the middle of the summer, a spokesperson said.

“The Tasers will have to be recertified. We had purchased them in 2007, when we were doing our initial training ... however, they have sat idle over the last six years because the Saskatchewan Police Commission (SPC) had to review the process and use of them,” said Sgt. Cliff Froehlich, with the MJPS.

“They have to be sent back to the manufacturer for testing to be recertified, which is a common practice with police equipment,” he said.

But it’s not only the equipment that will need to be re-evaluated. According to Froehlich, Moose Jaw officers will also have to be trained on the new practices and standards for operating the Taser devices.

“The SPC has come out with new standards and policy,” he said. “We’ll have to have our instructors attend the police college to be retrained, and then they’ll come back and train our members.”

Froehlich said that it was difficult to predict exactly how many Tasers would be in use by police officers at any given time, but did say that the MJPS purchased six Tasers initially.

“That would mean there’s a possibility all six Tasers would be out at once,” he said. “It would be nearly all of the uniformed officers that would be carrying a Taser.”

The sergeant could not give a specific date for when the Tasers would be out, but did have a general idea.

“By the time our members get (to the police college) and then return and we set up and go through our training, I would suspect it will be several months,” Froehlich said. “So, maybe by mid-summer, the people of Moose Jaw may see officers carrying the Taser devices.”

Organizations: Moose Jaw Police Service, Saskatchewan Police Commission

Geographic location: Moose Jaw

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Recent comments

  • Matt
    January 28, 2013 - 05:18

    Oh sweet police in Canada kill more people with taser's then their guns. This is redic. Maybe when the police get "tased" instead holding onto two others. Maybe they should go out and have some drinks and then some physical activity and then get tased:D. This is a deadly weapon. If a cop ever pulled one out on me I would rather run and turn myself in them have that thing go off and stick into my eyes.

  • Kate
    January 25, 2013 - 01:42

    If tasers are coming back to Moose Jaw streets, please make them the upgraded X26P models, not the old X26. The new upgrade has several safety factors the X26 lacks, including: A safer wave form and control of the level of current A 5 second shutoff- which the M26 had but which was not on the X26, so an officer who kept pressing the trigger could make contihuois long blasts. Possibly a led readable signal to show if current is flowing. (Many extra shots are made because the shooter expects expect the victim to fall down and if they don’t, he doesn’t think contact is made or the gun is working). A recording not just counting trigger pulls and duration but showing whether current was flowing and for how long. Lets find out if the X26P actually is safer and get the more dangerous X26 off the street.