Alberta landowners seek leave to appeal $1.5B electric transmission line

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EDMONTON - Opponents of a newly approved electricity transmission line in Alberta hope to unplug the multibillion-dollar project in court.

The Alberta Utilities Commission approved AltaLink's $1.5-billion Western Alberta Transmission Line last month.

Landowners who live along the line's route between Edmonton and Calgary are seeking leave to challenge the decision March 28 in the Alberta Court of Appeal.

In their application, they suggest the main purpose of the line is to export power from the province.

Joe Anglin of the Opposition Wildrose says his party supports the court challenge, because the line would mean higher electricity bills for consumers.

AltaLink, a subsidiary of SNC-Lavalin (TSX:SNC), has said it hopes to start building the line this year and finish by 2015.

Organizations: AltaLink, Alberta Utilities Commission, Alberta Court SNC-Lavalin TSX

Geographic location: Alberta, EDMONTON, Calgary

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Recent comments

  • eddy.canuck
    February 15, 2013 - 12:45

    Mr Greenseed. Common-sense is what most people want from this spendthrift government of Alison Redford. Line-losses saved are 3% on this projected mega-upgrade that was last "guesstimated" $17bn - and is likely will be beyond that. The extra $15 per month billed to consumers is DOUBLE what we pay now - is not alot but that is just to retail consumers. Still I object to this But 80% of overall transmission charges are borne by Large Industrial users - and they will pay hundreds of thousands more per month. That will have TREMENDOUS impact on industry - and that has been ignored by this Redford government who has no common-sense! Look at our current budget fiasco - Allie assured everyone in the April 2012 Election that her Budget was "reasonable" and we could do it. Now we are facing a $6bn boat anchor!

  • Peter Greenseed
    February 14, 2013 - 10:33

    Three points 1. These new DC lines are more efffecient and will save $200 Million annualy in line loss. Who gets this the benefit of this? 2. Why do residential customers and Wildrose climate change deniers make a big issue ahbout $15 per month on the electrical bill. We are invloedd in making exsisting houses morer energy effecient. By simply substituting a DC Motor in the Furnace electrical bill was reduced by $75 per month. Fact Dc Motors use 90 percents less energy 100 watts per hour comapred to1000 Watts. By replacing light bulbs with PL and Led lighting the bill was resuced by a further $45 per month. These light bulbs use 80 % less energy. All you Stupids Stop the snivelling about $15 a month when you can easily make a few changes and reduce your bill way more than $15 per month. The consrevatives are equally stupid. In the USA Mr.Bush legislated that all new furnaces must have a DC Motor. The conservatives have not done this. How many times have you seen the Prime Minister on TV saying he wants to give consunmers a choice.. When consumers buy a House they don't make thier decision on whether the furnace has a DC Motor or AC MOTOR. Most builders elect to save the $300 it costs for the additional cost of a DC Motor. They do not want to loose a $300 competitive advantage to their equally low Quality competitor. Just legisalte that only DC Motors be allowed in all furnace instalations. That will put all these incompernts on an equal footing. All these transmission lines were not put out for competive tender. Are you suprised that the cost is so high. The political system appears to be corrupt. If you have friends in the government Make token campaign contiributions don't worry about a competing bids on Bilions of dollars in contracts. 3. Alberta Advantage is all about competion. Does it not make sense that if less energy is used or lost in transmision the Keynsian supply demand Model would dictate that the price should go down. Stop your Sniveling and do the right thing. Look at the big picture. We are not asking you to Legislte Morality , Just common sense. Peter Greenseed