Colour issue causes Kinsmen Sportsplex main pool closure

Lisa Goudy
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A colour issue in the water has caused the Kinsmen Sportsplex main pool to close.

“The colour of the water doesn’t allow us to see the bottom of the pool in the deep end,” said Jody Hauta, director of parks and recreation. “As per the health standards, we have to close. Right now what we’re doing to try and address the issue is we’re shocking the main pool with chlorine and we’ve also vacuumed out any particles that were in the water. We’re also letting the filters do their work.”

It isn’t known yet how long the pool will be closed. Hauta said they are evaluating the situation on a “day by day” basis.

The main pool was also closed from March to May of this year with “similar issues,” said Hauta.

“The difference at that time was following that closure, we actually drained the pool and actually made some significant corrections to mechanical pumps and also the filtration system and cleaned out lines,” he added. “We’re not anticipating that there’s any issues there with regards to the mechanical systems. It’s more about the need to correct the clarity issue.”

The shocking of the pool with chlorine and vacuuming of particles are normal practices for pool maintenance, but at this point that maintenance is increased to resolve the colour issue.

He said chlorine shocking has sometimes fixed a colour issue and the vacuuming program is being used to see if any “particulate matter that may be affecting the colour issue as well.”

“We’re not 100 per cent sure (what caused it). We’re kind of reviewing the additions of chemicals that have been made,” said Hauta. “There were some chemicals that were added to address some of the water chemistry.

“So what we’re doing is kind of looking at those factors to see if there’s some relationship between those additions and changes and the colour issue and cross-referencing to some of our past experience as well.”

He added the water chemistry of the pool is “balanced.” Certain water chemistry levels have to be tested regularly according to Sask. Health regulations, such as chlorine, the pH levels in the pool, alkalinity and hardness. That ensures a safe level of chemistry.

From the regular testing, there are no issues with chlorine, pH or any other water chemistry.

“If we were to have bathers in the water right now, there isn’t a safety perspective from the Sask. Heatlh standard in terms of the quality of the water. It’s the colour of the water that does not allow us to see the bottom,” said Hauta. “(The water chemistries) are at the appropriate levels.”

The leisure pool, hot tub and steam room are still open to the public for regular swim times and learn-to-swim programs. The waterslide is open, but will be closed periodically when crews shock the main pool with chlorine since it “does draw water from the main pool,” said Hauta.

“We’re working to try and correct it. We’re disappointed that we have this issue,” he added. “We’re asking the public and the members to bear with us while we try and address it and hopefully we’ll be able to address it in a quick fashion.”

For more information regarding swimming lessons and other registered programs, call the Sportsplex at 306-694-4483.

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