Pearce ends tremendous ride

Nathan Liewicki
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Principal retires after 31 years as educator

Shannon Pearce relished the opportunity to serve as his two kids’ principal during their high school days.

After more tham three decades as an teacher and administrator, students at St. Michael School wished outgoing principal Shannon Pearce a happy retirement on Dec. 20, 2013. Submitted photo

“They liked having me there because dad's wallet was always there if they forgot their lunch, or if they forgot a note,” Pearce told the Times-Herald Wednesday, before laughing.

 was made for Pearce by the staff at St. Michael’s. It was another way they said goodbye and thank you to Pearce for all his years as an educator.

“The culture that Shannon developed here used humour to resolve conflict, as well as a relaxed attitude, and I can think we are going to try and continue to carry that out,” said Giroux. “You'd laugh at yourself when you make mistakes, laugh together and learn together.”

Administrative assistant Debbie Whelan agreed Pearce had a comedic flair.

“He always sent you an email or a funny little blurb to brighten your day,” Whalen said.

Pearce’s vision for St. Michael‘s will continue to unfold, even under new leadership.

“We certainly don't mirror his style all the way through and through, although we would be so lucky as to be him at one point in our career,” Turberfield said.

“I just hope I don’t lose my hair when I retire.”

He doesn’t have a string of appointments and meetings to attend anymore, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t aspects of his career Pearce he will not miss, especially the students.

“I think deep down I really wanted the people to enjoy school,” said Pearce. “They came and they wanted to enjoy it, whether it was the students or whether it was the staff.”

Although many of Pearce’s more memorable moments came during his tenure as Vanier’s principal, including that he felt he and his staff “put that school on the map,” he is grateful for the tremendous ride he was blessed to be on for 31 years. 

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