Managing diabetes easier with insulin pump: Majid

Justin Crann
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Doctor Falah Majid believes the flexibility of an insulin pump is vital to the management of Type 1 diabetes.

Doctor Falah Majid (centre-right) discusses the benefits of an insulin pump in the management of Type 1 diabetes.

"An insulin pump acts as an artificial pancreas. The pancreas produces the hormone that controls blood sugar, and we've tried to replicate the levels of insulin that normal people, with a normal pancreas would produce for their diet," said Majid.

Majid, an internist with Five Hills Health Region (FHHR), is an advocate for insulin pumps as a means of controlling blood sugar — particularly with Type 1 diabetes — and preventing hypoglycaemic events arising from low blood sugar.

"Proper control of blood sugar to avoid the consequences of diabetes (is vital)," he told the Times-Herald.

Majid said the insulin pump is often more effective for preventing events and treating Type 1 diabetes because it is flexible and works better with a patient's lifestyle.

"We found the patient's time frames are not fit for (insulin injections)," he said. "Things are different from person to person — their job, timeframe for physical activities and diet — and not safely monitoring blood sugar leads to further consequences."

"To control blood sugar (using manual insulin injections) compromises workload," added Majid. "It impacts the type of work and commitment to that work patients can make."

Because the pump tends to work with a given patient's lifestyle — with the obvious exception being when they have a lifestyle that is problematic for diabetes management, regardless of the use of insulin — it tends to be more effective.

"We give (patients) the freedom to choose how they want to live," said Majid. "And we are finding the compliance of the patient and the achievement of their targets (is better)."

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