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Justin Crann
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Larry the Cable Guy incites laughter at Mosaic Place


Within minutes of taking the stage at Moose Jaw's Mosaic Place, Dan Whitney said the ubiquitous catchphrase that has propelled his character, Larry the Cable Guy, to considerable success with seven No. 1 comedy albums and three certified gold releases.

, right? So that's what I did."

Larry was in fine form for the near-capacity crowd at his show on Saturday, riffing on topics running the gamut from the so-called "war on Christmas" to modern inventions like Twitter and the Snuggie.

"I do the country version of Twitter. I do Conway Twitter. … All of my tweets start with, 'Hey darlin','" he quipped.

"The Snuggie is the dumbest invention ever. It's just a robe you put on backwards. … If you're too stupid to operate a blanket, you deserve to be cold."

The Cable Guy kept cracking his jokes, and the audience kept laughing in reply. Larry even targeted a few good-natured yuks at his host, Mosaic Place.

"I want to thank the folks who work here at the arena for busting ass, coming here early and working on my beautiful decorations this evening," said Larry as he glanced at the stage he stood on, devoid of anything except a microphone stand, stool, and bottle of water.

"They really went all out, didn't they?" he added. "At least they could have put a plastic tree at the back there so I could take a piss later, or something."

Larry also had some words for people who drink or text and drive.

"You've got to be a brain dead idiot to be drinking and driving. And I'll tell you what's even worse: texting and driving," he said, recounting a story of how he and his son — who was his passenger at the time — had nearly been side-swiped by a woman who was driving while on her cell phone.

"I almost threw my beer at her!"

Larry even spared a few words for the Kardashian family — likening them to deer, because they "get a new rack every year."

Almost nobody — except the audience, which seemed in to be in a state of perpetual hysteria — was safe when Larry got going, and so he decided to "keep bitchin' ... because it's all I've been doing."

But even when he's "just bitchin'," the Cable Guy knows how to incite laughter, and he did so in spades Saturday night.

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Geographic location: Moose Jaw

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