Citizen voices concerns over Kinsmen Sportsplex

Lisa Goudy
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Jack Heilman addresses city council regarding his concerns with the Kinsmen Sportsplex pool on Feb. 10, 2013.

Resident Jack Heilman is concerned about growth in Moose Jaw’s indoor pool.

“When I’m swimming I see an awful lot of growth on the sides of the pool and this growth is appearing on the deep end underneath the ledge that juts out and in talking to the maintenance personnel, my understanding is it’s very difficult to clean underneath that ledge and so this growth is left to grow there,” he said. “A growth like that should never be on a swimming pool.”

He presented his concerns to council at Monday’s meeting. His presentation, along with accompanying documents detailing other concerns regarding maintenance procedures, were received and filed, but were followed with a discussion regarding the Kinsmen Sportsplex pool.

Heilman said he’s been watching the growth develop for more than three months and it’s about one centimeter thick.

Jody Hauta, director of parks and recreation, said the growth has been tested several times and they pose no safety issues to swimmers.

“The tests have come back stating that it is residuals of the chemicals we do use in balancing the water,” he said. “I think it’s just difficult when you’ve got a large body of water, it’s very different from operating a small pool or a different facility. This is 330,000 gallons of water and small changes can make big differences.”

Coun. Brian Swanson asked if any thought has been given to having a meeting with pool users to hear concerns or opinions.

“We haven’t had any public user meetings or given consideration to that. Certainly this issue is one that we’ve met with a number of consultants and discussed with a number of consultants,” said Hauta.

“Water chemistry is a very specialized area, as well as mechanical equipment. Certainly we could have a discussion with the users with regards to actions that we’ve taken and the process we’re looking at taking with our consultants.”

Matt Noble, city manager, added he’d seen some information on the subject and has been in contact with parks and recreation to ensure the city was doing additional maintenance such as pool scrubbing.

“It’s not that people aren’t being listened to. Certainly if there was a simple solution, I believe that would’ve been solved by now,” he said. “At any rate, we did receive information from the public.”

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