Stadnyk sentenced to six months

Justin Crann
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Brandon Stadnyk cried as Judge Douglas Kovatch sentenced him in Moose Jaw provincial court on Friday.

Brandon Stadnyk, 19, pleaded guilty to eleven charges, including assault with a weapon, in Moose Jaw's provincial court Wednesday. He was sentenced to six months in prison and a year probation Friday.

Kovatch began the sentencing with a list of the offences Stadnyk pleaded guilty to on Wednesday.

In total, there were 11 charges stemming from several instances spanning a period of ten months, including assault with a weapon, assault, three counts of theft under $5,000, and possession of a stolen firearm.

Stadnyk, 19, first appeared for sentencing on Wednesday. 

During the hearing, Crown prosecutor Rob Parker urged Kovatch to sentence Stadnyk to six months of prison time followed by a year of probation.

Parker contended the nature of Stadnyk's crimes — in particular the stabbing from which the assault with a weapon and assault charges stemmed — were too severe to avoid a prison sentence.

Stadnyk's legal counsel, Merv Shaw, requested a longer, but conditional, sentence.

He argued that Stadnyk's actions were the consequences of a history of issues in his life.

"He's not a blank canvass. He's a pothole. There's work to be done here," Shaw told the court on Wednesday. "To be honest … I don't have any faith in the correctional system being able to do anything in six months."

Kovatch agreed with the Crown in his decision.

"Under the circumstances, I believe a sentence of actual jail is required," he said. "Put very simply by Mr. Parker, when an individual stabs someone in the chest, he must expect a sentence of actual jail time.

"In my view, Mr. Stadnyk has too many offences, too much violence, and has given no serious indication of an intention to change his behaviour," Kovatch added.

Kovatch sentenced Stadnyk to six months in jail, followed by a year's probation, as suggested by the Crown.

Stadnyk is also prohibited from possessing any firearms for 10 years, prohibited from handling knives except for the purpose of eating or working, and ordered to surrender a sample of his DNA.

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