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Lisa Goudy
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Artists in Action Day sees more than 200 people watch art created live

Brucie Moulden of Regina didn’t expect to see artists at work when she came to Moose Jaw for the day on Saturday.

“We were walking down Main Street when we saw the sign,” said Moulden, who came with Claire Moulden-Griffith and Anja Moulden-Griffith. “We thought it sounded awesome to have the artists at work.”

They were three of at least 200 people who came through and attended the second annual Artists in Action Day at the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre (MJCC) on Saturday. The event featured six artists creating live art.

“It’s pretty interesting so far. It’s only been five minutes and I’m loving it already,” said Claire Moulden-Griffith.

“I think you’ve got some visual art, then you’ve got some music,” added Moulden. “It’s really exciting because as consumers, you usually only see the end product, so it’s really interesting to see the process.”

Painter and drawer Gabrielle de Glatigny was working on two projects for upcoming shows, one in Moose Jaw and the other in Regina. The Regina show will consist of portraits of people she’s interviewing with quotes next to the images. The Moose Jaw show will consist of more abstract paintings.

“Both processes, even though they seem very different because this is quite photogenic and this is quite abstract, they actually stem from the same principle,” said de Glatigny. “I use photographs and then I put them onto transparency and I project them onto the image and then I create the image from there.”

Born in the United Kingdom, she studied art history and photography in Britain. She also studied in the fine arts program at the University of Regina and has lived in Moose Jaw for the past two years.

She said there are lots of differences between Saskatchewan and Britain.

“Nature-wise it’s such a different environment. In Britain, it’s green all year round. There’s green everywhere all the time. Even in the winter it’s green, green grass,” said de Glatigny. “Here it’s very different and the contrast between the winter and the summer is so huge. So there’s a lot to offer for inspiration colour wise.”

Caitlin Mullan and Michelle Brownridge came from Regina from Articulate Ink to do a demonstration of two-layered silkscreen prints.

“People have been helping out and printing their own,” said Mullan. “It’s just using the screen as a matrix to create a repeatable image.”

Screens can be reused to add new colours and more layers. She said images are created on a computer, usually using PhotoShop, and the screen is coated with a light-sensitive emulsion. Then it’s put into an exposure unit.

“Everywhere the light hits the emulsion, it hardens and it creates a stencil and everywhere that’s covered by the black and the transparency, you can rinse it out. So then that’s where the ink goes through,” said Mullan.

“You can use photographic material or you can draw something. You can incorporate any different type of art making, which is pretty unique … I use a lot of vintage materials in my work.”

Mandy Higgins, marketing co-ordinator at the MJCC, said artists Gabriela Garcia-Luna and Rob Froese organized the event. Garcia-Luna had people wave glow sticks around in the dark and she took photos of them to create a light drawing. Froese did some pottery work.

The other artist, Brodie Mohninger, is a Moose Jaw musician who showed people how to record a song using computer software. He played instruments individually to add them one at a time, including guitar, acoustic guitar, singing and drums.

“At previous sessions that he did, he had people helping out make a song by clapping their hands to make percussion and stomping their feet,” said Higgins.

“This is a wonderful event,” added Graham Hall, executive director of the MJCC. “We’ve had lots of people. It’s been so successful.”

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Organizations: Moose Jaw Cultural Centre, University of Regina

Geographic location: Moose Jaw, Regina, United Kingdom Saskatchewan

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