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Justin Crann
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Black lab success story made possible through MJHS fundraisers

Ask the Moose Jaw Humane Society (MJHS) about their greatest success stories and Wiggles the black labrador retriever will be mentioned.

Wiggles the black labrador retriever is one of the Moose Jaw Humane Society's "success stories" — a case where perseverence and the will to see her find a "forever home" eventually paid off.

Wiggles, characterized by MJHS Promotions and Education Co-ordinator Stephenie Campbell as "a dog who has some special needs, but also a very special personality," was a humane society staple for more than a year.

"She had a hard time finding a home because, for the most part, people just couldn't handle her," said Campbell. "She came into us as a stray and was a dog on the run. Any time she was inside a house and her people left, she needed to get out."

Wiggles's need to escape was often accompanied by destruction, Campbell noted: "She would jump out a window, eat your door frame, run through screens, chew on kennels — we were afraid she would hurt herself."

According to Campbell, everybody loved Wiggles, and she had gone on trial "many times," but every time "she would just keep coming back" because of her separation anxiety issues.

"People would bring her back because she was damaging their homes," she added. "So even though they loved her — and they would bring her back in tears — they kept having to bring her back."

Over time, Wiggles became a fixture at the shelter.

"She became a member of the team," said Campbell. "She would often be in the front office, greeting people, or sleeping in the executive director's office, or trying to interrupt whatever we were doing by getting her nose into everything."

And then, finally, "the right family came in."

"It was a family who could be with her all of the time. A family with children. She loves children, so that also made her happy," said Campbell. "After all of that time, she finally found the right home."

For Wiggles, the moment was a turning point in her life. For the MJHS, it was a reminder of exactly why they're in the shelter business.

"We don't just give up on an animal after a month, two months … even a year. We try to find everyone the right home," Campbell explained. "In Wiggles's case, it took a really long time, but now she is definitely living the good life."

Wiggles's story is not uncommon however.

The humane society "(has) a lot of animals who come in and go back out very quickly," said Campbell, but "we've had animals here for longer than a year."

With some animals staying for months at a time — or longer — the expenses can ratchet up quickly.

"Every day an animal stays with us, we have expenses: they need food, litter, vaccinations. If they need a special kind of food, that costs more money," said Campbell. "We also have animals who need veterinary care."

That is why fundraisers, such as the ongoing 4 Paws Lottery are important for the shelter.

The lottery — which replaces the more traditional twice-per-year lottery event — will be held through the month of July, but tickets are available now.

Rewards will be drawn daily through July.

Tickets are one for $20, three for $30, 10 for $50 or 25 for $100. 50/50 is available on each of the tickets at additional cost. For more information or to order tickets, phone the humane society at (306) 692-1517.

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Organizations: MJHS Promotions and Education Co

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