Beginner's guide to bowls

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With great concentration, 18 year-old Jordan Gailey steps up to the white mat. He is focused and calm.

Every Tuesday during junior day, Jordan Gailey, goes to the Moose Jaw Lawn Bowling Club to play. Times-Herald photo by Mickey Djuric 

The sun is shining, the grass is green and the birds are chirping. An environment not typically found in sports. Silence fills the field.

In the distance, about 23 metres away, is his target. A small white ball called the jack.  

He gets down on his knee and aims for his target, releasing a bowl from his right hand. It might sound easy, but bowls travel on a curve, not a straight line. 

Rolling down the field, the bowl stops within inches of the jack. Gailey won this round. 

Six years ago, Gailey never expected lawn bowling to be his hobby, but over the years his love and passion for the sport has increased.

"I tried it in the seventh grade on a field trip," said Gailey. "I was good right off the bat and I was hooked from that moment. It's not exactly hard to play, but to master it is a different story."

Last weekend, Gailey travelled to Saskatoon to compete in a lawn bowling tournament. This weekend he will head to Regina to face off against other youth. 

Every Tuesday he practices at the Moose Jaw Lawn Bowling Club in Crescent Park at 6:30 p.m. during their junior day. He, along with the other members of the club, hope that more people, youths would come out to play. 

"The thing about lawn bowling is that you don't have to be extremely athletic to play. It's easier for someone who doesn't have athletic skills, because you can incorporate other tools to play," he said. 

The lawn bowling season officially kicks off July 1, with all members of the community welcomed to join. 

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