Alliances sign agreement to stabilize economy

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With businesses shutting down in the area, Gravelbourg knew they needed an idea to keep their economy stable.

"Our biggest thing is to open the doors for business. Businesses are setting up in Saskatchewan, but why not small town areas," said Roland Levac, Reeve for R.M. of Gravelbourg. 

That is when the Gravelbourg Lafleche Alliance (GLRA) was born. The GLRA is an an inter-municipal partnership of the Town of Gravelbourg, Town of Lafleche, R.M. of Gravelbourg, R.M. of Wood River and Thomson Lake Regional Park. 

These communities are hoping the alliance will attract new businesses into their area. 

"We're very short on businesses in the area and we are losing some all the time," said Levac. "Any business that's looking to set up in our area, we can set them up with land and possibly man power."

This alliance will create a partnership within the communities so that they can focus on attracting business instead of competing for it. 

"We were looking to do something together, that way we don't have to cut each others throat when something comes in the area," said Levac. "This way if we want to have a business, we can share it. No matter what it is, it will benefit Gravelbourg and Lafleche because we're 12 miles apart."

It was a natural decision to include the rural municipalities in the alliance because they were already involved with Gravelbourg and Lafleche. Thomson Lake was signed into the alliance because of their great houses and recreation, said Levac.

"We're just trying to do what any other alliance group does when they get together, like the R.M. of Sherwood with the City of Regina, we're looking to do the same thing," said Levac.

"Were showing people that we are willing to attract other businesses into our area, and that the doors are always open." 

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