Chatting about the cat crisis over high tea

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The Stray Cat Rescue and Protection Society (SCRAPS) is teaming up with Grant Hall to bring high tea to Moose Jaw in September.

The Band City Stray Cat Resuce and Protection Society are always looking for ways to raise money for their organization. During Sidewalk Days they sold cupcakes, and in September, they will start hosting a high tea at Grant Hall. Photo provided by Anne Marciszyn

High Tea at Grant Hall will take place one Saturday every month as a way to bring awareness to the current cat crisis this city faces.

“There’s a crisis because there’s an overabundance of cats and not enough homes. Shelters are usually at capacity or overcapacity,” said Anne Marciszyn, who works with the Band City SCRAPS.

“We needed to come up with a plan to work with people, and it’s proven effective to spay and neuter cats because then they don’t reproduce, plus they remain healthy because they get immunized.”

According to SCRAPS, the cat crisis isn’t well known because cats are often in the background of society.

“People have kind of thought of cats as disposable and they’re not,” said Marciszyn.

“You can’t let your cat out on the street and expect it to fend for themselves. Especially in Saskatchewan, the winters are very awful for animals.”

Taking care of cats and providing them shelter and food during winter is one of the many things SCRAPS does to help felines.

Because they spay and neuter cats in need, the society is always looking for different ways to raise money and spread their message.

“It’s critical for people to spay and neuter their animals. We try to get kids understanding animal welfare. We’re trying to reach out to the next generation to be proactive and get our people being impassioned for animals.”

SCRAPS is really trying to focus on lowering the cat population and finding homes for the kittens they shelter.

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According to Marciszyn, summertime is kitten season, and there are a lot of homeless cats on the streets of Moose Jaw.

“We make an impact to that animal. We find them homes and they’re immunized and healthy and happy,” said Marciszyn. “They deserve to have a life. They’re domesticated animals but people think they’re wild and look after themselves. Those are the people that have gotten us into this whole situation with cats.”

If anyone would like to donate money to SCRAPS or adopt a kitten, call (306) 692-0443.

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Organizations: Band City SCRAPS

Geographic location: Saskatchewan, Moose Jaw

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