First wave of job cuts hits Valley View Centre

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Seven employees at Valley View Centre, got a written notice on Friday, stating their positions will be terminated by September 30. 


Valley View Centre is set to close in 2016, but in response to a steering committee, the province is expanding supports available to people with intellectual services like those at the centre. 

Six out of the seven people who received the job loss notification were part of the security department.

"We knew this was coming, but not this early. Now it's becoming real," said a source who was handed a notification on Friday, and who would like to remain anonymous. 

"A lot of us never thought security would be the first to go. They deemed us nonessential."

According to the source, those who were handed notices took it pretty well because many have other jobs and they knew cuts were on the horizon. However, their main concern still stands with the residents who currently live at Valley View Centre, which is home to people with intellectual disabilities.

"Only a handful of residents have left the centre. There are still a lot more people living there. What are they going to do?"

This is the first wave of cuts that have occurred since the Saskatchewan government announced in 2012 that they would be closing Valley View by 2016, affecting 500 jobs and the lives of nearly 200 residents.

The centre stopped admitting new residents in 2002 due to the deteriorating facility. The government opted to shut down the facility instead of spending the $37 million in upgrades it would need to stay open. 

Calls were made to both the Valley View Centre and the Government of Saskatchewan for a comment, but due to the long weekend their offices were closed. 

See future editions of the Times-Herald for more on this story.


Mickey Djuric can be reached at 306-691-1263 or @Mickey_MJTimes. 

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Recent comments

  • Gord Anthony
    August 04, 2014 - 14:30

    It's just unbelievable that our elected officials have sat back and did ''nothing'' regarding the closure of VVC. There are two main issue's here and at the top is the residents, some of which simply can't be placed in group homes safely without endangering themselves or the public in general. I hope this new hospital is ready because they will see a lot of VVC patients because group homes will be unable to handle a lot of them. The second issue is going to be the financial hit the city of Moose Jaw will experience due to this closure. We had a great opportunity to expand the current facility and create employment in a city that desperately needs real economic growth. This is a death blow to a city that can ill afford to lose jobs and well trained folk's who have made VVC the place it is.....Brutal.

  • Lori Friars
    Lori Friars
    August 04, 2014 - 12:55

    To put a face to what these job cuts mean...I am one of the people who was given layoff notice on Friday. I have given 33.5 years of my life to serve the people who live at the Centre. I have lived my entire life in Moose Jaw. I am a volunteer with the Red Cross, Buttons & Bows, and other volunteer organizations. I have raised three children in this community. I buy my groceries here, furniture here, my cars here, my home here. September 30 my life will change. 33 and a half years ago I walked into the front doors of Valley View Centre, only planning to work a year there. It wasn't long before I developed relationships with the people who live there and knew that this would be my lifelong career. I was wrong. My heart is saddened for those people whom I have developed relationships with. Their lives will be thrown into upheaval as well. Moose Jaw is about to be dealt a crushing blow. We are losing one of the largest employers in the City. 500+ employees will soon be facing the same plight as me. I do not expect our community is ready to face the fall out of this closure. Soon not only will the people living at the Centre not be purchasing clothes, etc from local businesses, but there will be 500+ employees looking for work. Will we all be able to find it here in Moose Jaw? Some have already left the City, I suspect others will have to follow. When we are not working, businesses will feel the fall out. We won't be purchasing cars, we won't be purchasing homes, we won't be purchasing furniture etc. We will not be able to afford putting our children in sports, dance, music, etc. So yes our lives are going to change....and Moose Jaw, the businesses, organizations, etc will all suffer the fall out of that. I urge people to visit their MLA's and other elected officials and express their concerns.

  • Antsy Pantsy
    August 03, 2014 - 21:56

    Sounds like there could be more to this story. A handful of residents have left the centre and they delete security positions?