Free fitness demos to get back into routine

Lisa Goudy
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People will have a chance to do a free trial run of fitness classes at YaraCentre.

Caitlin Miller (back) and Ada Kempel participate in a family zumba class during YaraCentre's Family Day activities on Feb. 17, 2014.

“We have four new classes launching in the fall so we do want to give people a chance to try them,” said Kelly Millar, programmer at YaraCentre. “It’s just a nice way to get people back into fitness because they’ve been outside for most of the summer and maybe not as active as they should have so it’s a nice way to ease back in.”

The fitness class demo week, which will run the week of Sept. 8 to 13, gives people an opportunity to try out the classes and see if they like them. It’s also a chance to meet the instructors and ask any questions. This is the second year YaraCentre has offered demo week.

“We find September is probably one of our high registration times,” said Millar.

The four new classes are Hoop Play, Tone, Core & Stretch, Definition and Zumba Gold. The Tone, Core & Stretch and Definition classes will complement the Full-Body Fat-Burning Workout that has been running for a year and will run again this year.

“(Tone, Core & Stretch) will be a no-impact full-body workout. It will still provide results, but just for people that don’t want to jump and do push-ups, it’s a great class for the beginner and for the experienced,” said Millar.

“(Definition) is moderate to low impact. So it’ll have a little bit of jumping. There will be some weight-bearing exercise and then the level 3 is the fat-burn, which will have the jumping and lots of burpees and stuff.”

The Zumba Gold class complements the regular zumba class. Zumba is a workout with Latin-flavoured dance moves.

“Zumba Gold is geared towards the older market or a market that can’t handle as much choreography or as much twisting,” said Millar. “It’s a good low-impact workout for older adults or just people beginning to exercise.”

Hoop Play deals with hula-hoop exercise. The instructor is from Saskatoon and just moved to Moose Jaw, she said.

“It’s fairly new and we haven’t done it ourselves,” said Millar. “Our classes are 50 minutes and hula hooping can burn up to 600 calories per hour. It improves the toning of core muscles — posture, balance and stability. It does provide a cardio workout as well and it’s suited for all fitness levels.”

The other classes offered include pilates, DanceFit, Blend, Bollywood DanceFit and Rev-Elation. Blend combines pilates and yoga while Rev-Elation is a spin class.

“It’ll be a combination of your cardio, cycling workout and then we’ve added upper body toning at the end,” said Millar.

“We just find that we have a market where they’re just coming to do our spin so we want to be able to provide them with a full-body workout. The class will end with a little bit of arms and abs.”

After the demo week, each class starts the week of Sept. 15 and runs for 12 weeks. Hoop Play begins the week of Sept. 22. The classes are open to anyone age 16 and up. The class schedule is available online at or by contacting YaraCentre.

For anyone wanting to try out a class in demo week, call 306-694-4560 to reserve a spot. There are also sign-up lists at YaraCentre.

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Geographic location: Saskatoon, Moose Jaw

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