Playpen Diaries: Believing in Christmas

Lyndsay McCready
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Christmas has always been one of my favourite holidays. I love the time I get to spend with my family.

Lyndsay McCready

I love watching my children rip open their presents and I love playing into the story of Santa Claus. But most of all, I love the freedom Christmas gives us to believe in the unbelievable.

My children are still quite young, but the look they get when we talk about Christmas Eve is nothing short of priceless.

They don’t question how Santa does what he does. They don’t give a second thought to how reindeer fly and they don’t worry about how Santa will make it around the world in one short night — they just believe.

As a child, I remember my No. 1 goal at Christmas was to stay up late, sneak downstairs and catch the man in red as he placed my presents under the tree.

Although I was never able to stay up quite as late as I had hoped to, I was never disappointed in what I found come Christmas morning.

The cookies my sister and I left out were gone, the empty stockings we left out were now full of all kinds of goodies and we each had one special gift waiting for us, signed ‘From Santa.’

At the time we never truly understood how lucky we were to have such a generous Santa visit us each year, ensuring we always had gifts waiting for us under the tree.

The sad thing is that it took quite a number of Christmas mornings for me to realize how blessed I truly was.

I never worried Santa wouldn’t find me, or that I wouldn’t wake to find a present under the tree. I never had to question how Santa did what he did because my parents let us believe in him as long as they possibly could.

This was a blessing.

Some children don’t have this luxury. Some parents fear they may not be able to bring Santa to life and some families will treat Christmas like any other day because they have no choice.

However, because of organizations like the Salvation Army, Riverside Mission and many other local groups, the burden placed on some families during the holiday season is lifted, Christmases are provided and the community does it’s best to ensure every child and family that wants a Christmas, has a chance to experience the magic that awakened by Christmas each year.

There are a lot of superficial traditions that accompany the Christmas season, but if we remember what is at the heart of the holiday, why it is called the season of giving and to always be kind, the true spirit of Christmas will always live on.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all around the world

the anticipation was building for young boys and young girls.

Tonight is the night they will stay up for Saint Nick,

he would bring them their presents, new dolls and hockey stick.

As they pretend to doze off and snuggle in tight,

their ears are awaiting jingles in the night.

The sound of a reindeer high up above

is all the proof they would need to fill them with love.

With a tick and a tock, their eyes become heavy

dreamland is calling, their bodies unsteady.

Oh what they would give for one little peak

at the man who sneaks in without making a squeak.

But as time passes by and not a sound do they hear,

the little boys and girls will have to wait another year.

In their dreams they may catch him, may see him appear

but in the morning their dreams are a little unclear.

The cookies are gone, the presents have arrived

the stockings are full and the dream still alive.

They may not have seen him but know that he came

and for just another year they will play Santa’s game.

But as the day ends and a new year begins,

all the boys and girls will plan for next year’s big win.

Santa got away, he tricked them this time,

Using the cloak of darkness and the clock’s early chime.

Next year will be different, next year they will see

how Santa gets up and down the old chimney.

His magic will live on, if just for one more year.

So Merry Christmas to all and to all Christmas cheer.

Organizations: Salvation Army

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