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During my recent trip to my hometown I got to thinking about the differences between Toronto and Moose Jaw.

Samantha Emann

By Samantha Emann

Special to the Times-Herald

I quickly realized there were things I really missed about T.O. and things I really didn’t. 

Conversely, there are things I really like about Moose Jaw and some I have had a harder time getting used to. 

I find people who have moved here from other places often find themselves comparing their former residence to their new one as a way to either show off or vent about one or the other.  What are some of things you miss or do not miss from your hometown?

 Everyone has an opinion on the old versus the new, and so I thought I would talk about some of my own observations and comparisons.

Let’s start with something I know I will never miss: the antics of Toronto’s Rob Ford. 

 I think I could write an entire column on what is wrong not only with the man himself, but with how he has run and represented the GTA.  While doing almost nothing to help and improve the city he has almost singlehandedly - because we cannot forget Doug Ford’s enabling role in the fiasco that is the life and career of Rob Ford - put Toronto on the international radar in the worst possible way.  He is incompetent, insolent and incapable of staying sober long enough to care about what he does to himself or the city.

In comparison I quite enjoy the almost antic-free council and leadership of Moose Jaw.  While I may not always agree with how they do things or everything that they do at least they do get some things done and do it with a professionalism that currently surpasses a city much larger.

Coincidentally both cities seem to have a problem with road maintenance.  In Toronto, there always seems to be too much construction and maintenance going on.  In Moose Jaw, it seems there’s never enough. So they both lose on that front.

Another obvious difference that took some getting used to is no longer having the provincial transit company GO Transit.  The trains and buses run every hour, more frequent during rush times, and take you a wide variety of places either by bus or train.

Being someone who does not have a driver’s licence, public transit is very important.  While the trains can get very crowded and there is the odd delay that happens I find GO to be very reliable. 

The Sask. equivalent, STC, leaves much to be desired comparatively.  Even though the need for public transit is present in Moose Jaw the schedules and availability are very limited.

 For people who don’t have a car or don’t drive this makes day trips outside of Moose Jaw very difficult.  For the amount of college students, seniors and those with low incomes who don’t or can’t drive, the bus service going out of the city seems to be sorely lacking.

Then there are the things you never thought you would miss, or really should not miss and for me that is things like Taco Bell and the TTC.

I try to focus on the really great things Moose Jaw has to offer even though I do like to occasionally poke fun at this town-sized city.   

And even though it was hard to leave home again at the end of my trip, I found myself missing my job, my apartment and my cat – all of which I have Moose Jaw to thank for.

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Organizations: GO Transit, Taco Bell

Geographic location: Moose Jaw, Toronto, Sask.

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