Liewicki leaks: Motivational workouts

Nathan Liewicki
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I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, nor do I think they are legitimate.


Putting that aside, however, over the past two-and-a-half weeks I have been working to trim my waistline, increase the size of my biceps and strengthen my legs.

And who wouldn’t give anything for a little more stamina?

It wasn’t a resolution, but something I decided to do after noticing how difficult it was to zip up and button up my pants almost every morning in December.

Apparently eating boatloads of pasta and lying on the couch for hours afterwards made my gut balloon to a size it has never been before.

Fortunately for me that’s only 37 inches, but for someone who has typically been around the 32-inch mark that’s quite a jump.

As many of you know, our Publisher Rob Clark endured a fitness challenge during the autumn months. Not only did he shed a few pounds and build up strength in muscles he had previously ignored, but he also helped raise money for the Moose Jaw Transition House in the process.

As such, Clark encouraged staff at the Times-Herald to join him in taking part in an eight-week Warrior Workout offered by Team Redgoat. Three members of the editorial department, including myself, signed up for it.

Although I am not raising charitable dollars, I have put my body through physical hell some Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

And I’m glad I’m doing so. Wednesday’s workout was the most challenging hour-long session yet.

After waking up late and my car dying on the drive to Redgoat, I didn’t envision that workout to be as intense as it turned out to be when I arrived.

Austin M. Davis and I were tested more than we had been during a pair of repeated circuits. At the conclusion of Wednesday’s workout I almost felt like throwing up, but I didn’t. I just needed to eat something. That coconut and pineapple-flavoured protein bar I devoured did the trick. It soothed the inner volcano that was bubbling up in my stomach, ready to spew.

Before I started this workout regimen I didn’t think my body could handle this type of exertion, but thus far I’ve proven to myself I can do it.

Although I’m less than halfway through the workout, I know I would not have reached the levels I have reached without Davis pushing me.

He has been my motivational asset, and I suspect I have been his.

We want each other to go faster, harder and get stronger.

Maybe resolving to improve one’s physical condition at the start of a new calendar year is worthwhile.

You have to be determined not to give up, even when you feel like keeling over and quitting,

That’s probably what I’m going to feel like doing following my first hurricane workout Friday. #death.

Nathan Liewicki can be reached at 306-691-1256 or follow him on Twitter @liewicks

Organizations: Moose Jaw Transition House, Times-Herald

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