The tale of a lion eating the lamb

Lisa Goudy
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Lisa Goudy

March came in like a lion, but the first day of spring sure wasn’t a lamb.

And according to the latest forecasts, it doesn’t look like March will go out like a lamb.

In the words of my sister, “I think the lion ate the lamb.”

She couldn’t be more right. Of course, March isn’t over yet and forecasts aren’t always right. But even so, the first day of spring was almost like a plunge back into winter —and that’s not likely to change anytime soon as we head into a string of colder temperatures.

Yesterday brought some freezing rain and snow. Prior to that, several streets were covered in water, puddles or potholes or a combination. Several accidents took place in the city and, as is always the case, some of those could’ve been avoided with more due care and attention. That’s why we need to be aware of our surroundings and adapt. It’s hard to believe right now, but eventually spring will come.

The first day of spring, or the vernal equinox, is the day when the sun’s rays are directly crossing over the equator from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere, according to an article on the International Business Times website.

That will slowly bring the heat north. That means warmer temperatures are on the way. The sun only shines on the equator twice a year, once on the vernal equinox and the other on the autumnal equinox.

We have to remember this isn’t an exact science as no one on Earth can control the weather. Besides, we need to aim to be more proactive than reactive. While this is more applicable to things we can control than things we can’t, I still think it’s important to be as proactive as possible.

In the case of weather, we’ll just have to deal with non-spring-like temperatures and dress warmer. With snow, we need to adjust our driving and walking accordingly. Oh, and don’t forget to hold onto the silver lining that things will get better. This applies to more than just weather too. No matter how bad things get, we need to hope, to believe it will turn around eventually.

Find our happy place, hold it close to your heart, and get out there and do something about it. Things won’t magically change on their own if we don’t do something to try and make it better.

This, unfortunately, excludes the weather. While it might be fun to imagine we have powers like Storm, a member of the X-Men, or spend our days predicting the weather, ultimately we have no control. No matter what we do won’t stop snow from coming if it’s going to come. No matter what we do, we can’t make spring arrive any faster.

If we are capable of escaping the weather by going to someplace warm in travelling, then great. Enjoy it. But for the rest of us, all we can do is be careful out there and wait.

As a play-on-words to the popular Disney tune from Snow White, someday our spring will come. Really, I mean it.

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