Four shows you might like more than The Walking Dead

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I am the first to admit I watch a lot of movies and tv shows.

Samantha Emann

I am pretty much open to any genre of either.

Most people have now marathoned through all of Breaking Bad (I haven’t finished), and I have had some of them ask me “what next?” Since I have no interest in watching a zombie soap opera that is clearly just cashing in on that fad the way everything about vampires after Twilight cashed in on peoples’ fascination with those expressionless, broody creatures, I have four other shows that I think are worth watching.

1. Game of Thrones

This series is quite possibly the most talked about of HBO’s current line up and for good reason.  

If you have read the books, the show does a good job of staying faithful to its written counterpart and has managed to convey the emotions and personalities of its characters.

If you haven’t read the books I can honestly say you won’t be able to guess what will happen to the characters in this fast-paced, visually stunning adaptation.  

In typical HBO fashion, there is plenty of sex and violence. But for a book series with as much murder, backstabbing and adult content as this one, I think HBO was the clear choice to do this series.  It keeps you guessing and gives you characters you both love and love to hate.

2. Archer

This is another show that should be watched after the kids go to bed.

Although animated, Archer is full of of wit and humour, amplified by the deadpan delivery of H. Jon Benjamin, who voices the title character.  

This spoof of the James Bond archetype combines the racy humour of Austin Powers with the quick-witted, seemingly random toilet humour of South Park.

Since I love both of these I definitely recommend this show for a late night laugh.

3.  House of Cards

This Netflix original is another series that will have you wondering how many episodes you can squeeze into one day.  

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright’s characters are complex and the plot has many twist and turns that you do not see coming.  

If you like politics and intrigue with a ruthless, sexy edge this is a marathon worthy series with fantastic writing and captivating, yell-at-the-tv twists.

4. The Guild

This one is for my fellow gamers.  

If you have ever been addicted to an RPG you will relate with the quirky awkward lead Felicia day.  

Although it started out as a web series, it is now on Netflix and can be binge-watched.  

It is funny and relatable without all the high budget perks of the big network shows.  And I think the lower budget actually adds to this show’s charm.

If you are stuck for what to watch or just trying to get over the fact that Breaking Bad has come to an end try these shows out.  Let me know what you think!

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