Being Frank: Fake beauty

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As I wait in line at the grocery store, my eyes wander toward the magazine rack.

Nathan Frank

By Nathan Frank

This has been happening to me since I was a child. The racks are littered with beautiful women dressed up to the nines for an award show or they are showing off how much weight they have lost.

They look gorgeous and perfect — but, in fact, they are fake.

I didn’t realize as a young child that the celebrities on the front cover were digitally cleansed — that their cheek bones were sharpened, their tired eyes were lightened and their cellulite was eliminated.

It’s called airbrushing and it explains a lot.

Along with botox, I suppose it explains why a 55-year-old Madonna looks more like Megan Fox on the front cover of Cosmopolitan than she looks like Betty White.

Both men and women have been told what beauty is since we were children watching Cinderella and The Little Mermaid.

We were told a young, white, skinny princess will win Prince Charming’s heart.

This sought after concept of beauty is toxic to all women, not only those who don’t fit the princess mould, but to those who put their identity into holding on to their youthful, princess identity.

The truth is it can’t be held on to. It will fade.

An online movement began recently where women began posting self-portraits of themselves without makeup.

With the photos, they are saying true beauty lies below makeup and in accepting yourself as you are.

These portraits are brave and an example of the push back we need to see against the lies the media has told us.

Throughout my life I have been confused and tainted by what I have been told is beautiful.

However, I haven’t been ruined yet. When I think about beauty I picture a woman who is gentle, generous and who perseveres.

These qualities are attainable for everyone and they don’t fade away when your skin sags or if you don’t feel comfortable in a bikini.

My hope is that we can re-wire our brains and look at beauty differently— because beauty lies underneath makeup and underneath your skin — and it’s not on the front cover of Cosmopolitan.

Nathan Frank can be reached at 306-691-1263.

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  • Joel
    April 10, 2014 - 20:40

    Well said Nathan. Looking forward to seeing your work with the MJ Times!