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May is the month of my birthday and to celebrate I have decided to write about something I truly enjoy: gaming.

Samantha Emann

By Samantha Emann, special to the Times-Herald

Enough with the heavy stuff, it’s time to have some fun.

Every week for the month of May I will be writing a column about gaming. I have wanted to do this for a while and so I am going to begin this theme a week early. If you think I am a nerd now, just wait.

This week is all about my top five favourite console games. Ordinarily I cannot narrow it down to five but I am more of a computer gamer, and so I figured I would start things off I would begin with a smaller list.

5. Golden Eye 

An oldie but a goodie. I remember many hours spent playing the multiplayer version of this game on rainy days with my friends after school. The missions were fast-paced and the multiplayer possibly the best of its time. The graphics may not hold up to current consoles but when someone jumped down from the air vent with that golden gun you knew it was time to run.  Or was that just me?

4. Grand Theft Auto series 

I could not narrow this one down and really the premise is the same in every title. This series, in my humble opinion, popularized the open-concept sandbox. As the games progressed the graphics became more realistic, along with the character personalities and subplots. The game branched from the titular thefts to murders to just about everything there is to do in a simulation game (ie. buy property, have relationships). As a big fan of E.A.’s The Sims, this only served to make me like this game even more. It is right up there with the other top time-sink games like The Sims and Skyrim.

3. Super Smash Brothers 

I first encountered this game with its N64 version and loved all the subsequent versions but the N64 holds a nostalgic place in my heart. This is another one where the multiplayer (are you sensing a trend too?) is just as fun if not more so than the single-player campaign. The character and ability variety really helped make the game interesting and different with every play through. It also managed to make Pikachu badass which is a plus. It was both challenging and addicting which are cornerstones in any great vintage or contemporary game.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 

The mark that this is a great game is that despite its age I STILL have fun playing it. And much to my chagrin there are still dungeons I have trouble beating. Though the main character is a bit emotionally bland, the world is immersive and fun to roam around in because you don’t want to do the level with the scary monsters. It also has the added bonus of being the first game I played where you could ride a horse and to someone as horse crazy as me that helps in getting a free ticket to second from the top on my list.

1. Red Dead Redemption 

This is the first game where the main character of a video game managed to pull at my heartstrings a little. This is another game from Rockstar that is of the sandbox genre with the added bonus that the mode of aimless wandering happens to be horseback and carriage. The missions have adequate difficulty and wide variety of characters, goals and to some extent backdrops. You follow a story and encounter characters with varying amounts of depth and likability.

This was one game where they may actually have grounds to make a movie out of it. That would be a western I would actually want to see. I have played this game through multiple times and the only negative thing I can say about it is that the zombie version of the game is completely unnecessary and is merely the game maker’s attempt to cash in on the zombie craze. Otherwise this one was my clear console favourite.

Stay tuned for more top game lists including top computer games of all time, most disappointed games and others in the coming month and feel free to comment on the website or send me an email with the games you think should have made my list.

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  • The Undying
    April 22, 2014 - 06:32

    You should try Lord of the Rings Online. It is a good game if not a bit easy until the second area. Don't play as a hunter though, they die early. Play as a champion!