A series of unfortunate games

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have played some pretty awesome games over the years — some that stand the true test of time, and newer titles that have really distinguished themselves.

Samantha Emann

South Park: The Stick of Truth and Red Dead Redemption come to mind, as well as one that I regret not putting on my favourite console games list: L.A. Noire.

But on this list you will not find such games.

Some games make me think about why I bothered to spend money or time on them in the first place. It is even worse when I really, really want to like the game and am able to forgive it a lot of its shortcomings, but it still manages to make me want to hit it with a hammer. Here is my list of four such dud games.


The game that opens my list is one that I was not expecting that much out of and it did not fail to be disappointing and that is Fable. I find this game really underwhelming. The game itself was way too easy and if I am saying that you can take it to the bank. I found the world and main character very boring even though there were times when the story was setting up good game play. At the time, the graphics were top of the line, but I found the combat to be clumsy and the quests and tasks to be predictable and not much of a challenge. The first one was just so meh I never bothered to check out the sequels. And my bad games list only gets more rage inspiring from here.

SimCity (2013)

I loved the preceding versions of this game so this reboot was high on my list for games to buy. I thought better graphics, more comprehensive controls and an endless array of new things to do within the game would be good. But EA managed to somehow piss me off with a game I was pretty set on liking.

The first thing that struck me is that random people within the world you choose could just gift you with money thereby taking any challenge out of the game. As a result I did not find this game challenging. While there may have been more things to do I found myself repeating only a few things (ie. zoning and building houses) and the rest of the game just felt unnecessarily added on and was of little to no consequence. The initial online-required gameplay was also a detriment. EA has taken plenty of my money over the years and I think this is the first time I actually regretted spending it.

The Sims 3 (Console)

In case you didn’t know yet, I love The Sims games and still play The Sims 3 way more than I probably should at my age. However, I HATE The Sims 3 for console. I bought this thinking it would be like the Sims Late Night for X-Box which I thoroughly enjoyed, but the game was a major disappointment for this Sims fan girl.

The controls are hard to figure out and use. The game consistently froze and glitched and you did not have half the options and detail of the PC-based version.

While I didn’t expect there to be as much content I did expect there to be more graphical detail in the characters and smoother animation and the game had neither. Not only did I regret spending money on this one, I actually traded it in for the game that takes my number one honour for most hated game.

Assassin’s Creed

I couldn’t even finish the first Assassin’s Creed title. Before you say, “Sam, how could you hate a game that was loved by critics and gamers alike?” read first. For starters, you can’t offer the promise of great horse riding gameplay and then make it so I cannot go faster than a walk without having the guards swarming me like I am going over some imaginary horse speed limit.

Secondly, but of no less importance, all the cities look exactly the same and the missions you carry out within them are similarly monotone. I could also write an entire column dedicated to how much I do not care about the main character of this supremely bland plot.

Visually, I think this game had a lot of potential, but I feel like the developers made one amazing-looking city and then just figured they could repeat it for every city and no one would notice. Also, having to go back to the starting area every time you re-enter memory land made me go “aw screw it” and just stop playing. I do not even want to finish the game and go on to the supposedly better sequels.

For my next column I want to review one game, old or new and I am opening it up to readers to help me decide which one you would like to see me review. Send me your suggestions and I will give you my take on that game. With that, tune in next week for a reader-chosen game review.

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