There’s nothing quite like live theatre

Lisa Goudy
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Lisa Goudy

I’ve always loved live theatre.

I’ve seen it on so many scales and I’ve enjoyed my experience every time. I’ve seen multiple Broadway shows in New York City. I’ve seen travelling Broadway productions that have come to Regina and Saskatoon. I’ve been to countless Globe Theatre productions in Regina over a span of many years. I’ve seen RuBarb Productions performances in Moose Jaw.

I’ve loved every minute of every production in every theatre I’ve attended. We need to value the nature of the arts and of live theatre. It entertains. It makes us laugh. It makes us cry. It makes us reflect on our own lives. It makes us feel. Those qualities can never be overvalued and we should all appreciate the beauty of live theatre.

I love watching a show unfold in front of my eyes. It’s not just the fantastic acting or the unique sets either or the catchy and harmonious tunes, if it’s a musical.

It’s the lighting, the costumes, the changing of the sets and that you are right there as everything happens. Sometimes there is audience interaction, which is just an added bonus.

As enjoyable and lovable as movies are, trust me, they can never replace live theatre. It’s not the same watching the film versions of The Phantom of the Opera (2004), Hairspray (2007) or Les Misérables (2012), for example, as it is watching the same story live.

I happen to really enjoy all three of those movies.

I’ve also seen those productions live. I saw Hairspray when the production came to Regina and fell in love with it all over again.

I first saw a youth production of Les Misérables when I was in Grade 7 in Regina and, last summer, I saw the Broadway touring production of it in Regina at the Conexus Arts Centre. What a mind-blowing experience that was.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing The Phantom of the Opera twice live, once in Saskatoon and once on Broadway in New York City. Sitting in a theatre in the Big Apple and seeing and hearing the power of the acting, the music, the sets, everything pulls you right in. There’s nothing quite like it.

It’s great watching effects and sets transform in a movie. It’s an entirely different level of awesome when you watch all of this happen right in front of your eyes. And there is no pause button to take a washroom break, no rewind button to watch a scene again and no DVD to watch as many times as you’d like.

That just makes every moment that much more special, memorable and awe-inspiring. Live theatre has a way of sticking with you.

It’s not only the big, Broadway, Tony Award-winning plays that are marvelous to watch though. Globe Theatre has put on an endless list of outstanding performances. The most recent one I saw was 2 Pianos, 4 Hands for the second time. It was an incredible performance and it put a smile on my face and kept it there.

RuBarb Productions has also a long list of fantastic shows to its credit. The local talent in Moose Jaw and surrounding area is superb. They really know how to put on a production. Currently in its first full season, I can’t wait to take in more productions and everyone should get out and support our rising talent.

Live theatre, like other genres of the arts, is part of our culture. It takes us on journeys that, like life, can’t be paused. It simply should be enjoyed and appreciated and continue to be a part of our lives.

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