Mickey's Moments: Warning: Selfie season is upon us

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It’s summer, or as girls aged 18-29 call it, #RidersSelfieSeason.

Mickey Djuric

That’s not fair, men are equally as responsible for taking obnoxious photos of themselves at sporting events too. It doesn’t matter who’s taking the photo, what matters is it needs to stop.

People assume others care what they look like at sporting events but I know I don’t and neither do cyclists competing in Tour de France.

This level of self-obsession has become so extreme that some people are actually taking selfies in the middle of the road. Oblivious to the enormous cycling group racing at their backs.

I am actually speechless over these inconsiderate spectators endangering athletes, so I’ll let American cyclist Tejay van Garderen take it from here. He rightfully bashed this selfie trend calling it a “dangerous mix of vanity and stupidity.”

British rider Geraint Thomas added that it was “the new pain in the arse,” and urged spectators to stop.

And it’s not just cyclists who are upset, but runners recently have had to deal with this annoying fad as well.

What happened to the days of going to a sporting event or a concert and just enjoying it.

I promise — if you tell me you’re going to a Rider game or a Blue Jays game, I will believe you.

I don’t need to see your blown up face, with an athlete the size of a millimeter in the background obstructing my social media news feed.

I would much prefer to see a photo of the athletes performing anyways, especially if your selfie gets in the way of them or other spectators.

And if you absolutely need to take a pic remember these tips on sporting selfie etiquette: safety comes first, be respectful, and don’t overdo it on social media.

Mickey Djuric can be reached at 306-691-1263 or @Mickey_MJTimes.

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