Lisa's Corner: So about that UFO thing ...

Lisa Goudy
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To many people, the idea of UFOs is a joke. Or maybe it’s something you read or see in science fiction.

Lisa Goudy

Nowadays, even if you see a video of a UFO, most people will assume it’s computer-generated or a special effect. There can’t actually be other life out there besides us, right?

I’m not inclined to believe in UFOs. Alien invasions simply remind me of movies like Independence Day or War of the Worlds. I’ll also be reminded of things like Superman, Thor, Green Lantern or Star Trek. As awesome as all of that is, it’s nothing I’ll take seriously.

But I also realize that it’s a big universe out there. It would be extremely egocentric to assume that humans are the only life out there. We just don’t have any evidence of this.

Here’s an interesting example. On July 11, 1991 — 23 years ago today — several people caught an apparent UFO flying over Mexico City during a solar eclipse. You can look up the videos on YouTube.

In an era before special effects were as good as they are today, there are people who believe it was a spacecraft. There are also people who believe it was a hoax. It’s too easy to get people riled up in UFO suspicions or to discredit the possibility.

Are there any direct answers as to what is captured in the videos? No. Basic searches on the Internet revealed it remains a mystery. You can believe what you want about the sighting. We can spend as much time as we want to thinking about the possibility of extra terrestrial life.

Sometimes it’s even fun to imagine what it would be like to actually interact with other beings.

The possibility remains that there is other life out there and we just don’t know it yet. The fact is we can spend a lot of our lives thinking about things that either a) cannot be or b) are unknown. Realistically, we might never find the answer to things we can’t see or touch or feel, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You can believe what you want and there isn’t anything wrong with it.

After all, in one episode of the second season of the showGhost Whisperer, the main character, Melinda, states that “what you can see is only half of what there is.”

Sure, in that context she was talking about ghosts and the supernatural, but it can also apply to the possibility of UFOs. We will likely never prove the existence or non-existence of aliens.

That just doesn’t preclude the possibility that they exist.

It’s fun to imagine the ‘what ifs’ every now and then. It creates creative pathways and enjoyment.

It is a waste of time, though, to spend all of our time lingering on those ‘what if?’ questions, including UFOs. We have a life to live here on Earth, for however short or long we’re lucky enough to have.

It’s here I refer to the wise words of Albus Dumbledore. InHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, Harry finds a mirror called the Mirror of Erised. The reflection doesn’t show you as you are, but rather the deepest desire of your heart. Harry, who sees his dead parents embracing him in the mirror, spends a lot of time looking at it until Dumbledore finds him doing so.

“The Mirror will be moved to a new home tomorrow, Harry, and I ask you not to go looking for it again. If you ever do run across it, you will now be prepared,” Dumbeldore told Harry. “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that. Now, why don’t you put that admirable cloak back on and get off to bed.”

Make of UFOs what you will. Just remember, the universe is an endless place. It’s not likely humans are the only ones inhabiting it.

Lisa Goudy can be reached at 306-691-1289 or follow her on Twitter @lisagoudy.

Geographic location: Mexico City

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