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When we are given advice, sometimes we are told to appreciate the little things.

Samantha Emann

By Samantha Emann, special to the Times-Herald

I do not think I begun to understand that until I moved to Moose Jaw. Now I appreciate more than ever the long phone conversations with friends and family, and cherish the rare trips home to spend time with them.

But I understand it even better, now that I have started to work on being healthy.  

I still have a long way to go and foresee many more challenges to achieve my ultimate goal but there are small things I have begun noticing that help keep me motivated to stay on the straight and less fat trail.

I will admit to have recently been slacking a little in that I have not been as active as I want to be. Sometimes, I get really discouraged when I have intense cravings for anything that is covered in chocolate or cheese.

Though everyone’s weight loss journey is different, I think we all have times where we question and doubt ourselves, even if only just a little bit.

When that happens – late night trips to Tim Hortons happen to the best of us, and you all know how hard it can be to resist McDonald’s fries – I always try to remember the smaller changes I have implemented and goals I have met.

Things like how my change in diet and new skin care routine have helped my skin break out less or how I have managed to stay away from frozen processed foods, and for the most part fast food in general, since I started this whole thing.

Also, when I set out to do 10 minutes on my torture machine of an exercise bike but push for those few extra minutes, or how I have not touched any regular pop and now drink more water.

My cooking skills have also gotten better, and I am not the only one thankful for that.

I may not be anywhere near my weight loss goal, yet I feel good in having changed my attitude and ways of thinking about food and about taking care of myself.

I have not gotten over the negative way I perceive my body, but I am recognizing it, and that comes with realizing my body will be what I make it and that I’m not stuck suffering with what I have done to it.

So when you feel like you are seeing the bigger results you want or have spent a little more time off the wagon than you would like just remember that things are changing, just maybe not in ways you can see right away.

Frankly, from what I have learned, you may not be happy with who you are or how you look, but sometimes you just have to give yourself a break and stop being so hard on yourself.

Give yourself credit for what you have achieved no matter how small and use that to push forward.  

I know I judge my every little imperfection harshly and learning to cool it has not been easy. I still blame myself for letting my body get to its current condition every time I look in the mirror.  

But if I dwell on that nothing will get done and I will not meet my goal of being bathing suit ready for vacation time.

I deserve to meet my goals and so do you.

You can find Samantha Emann on Twitter or reach her by e-mail.


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