Mickey’s Moments: You’re losing me, Hollywood

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There seems to be a running joke amongst people my age (early 20’s) that there’s nothing to do in Saskatchewan but work and drink. 

Mickey Djuric

I don’t know if that says more about myself or the places I hang out in (bars), but c’mon, if you’ve graduated from your twenties, you know what it it’s like for people my age. We’re young and love to meet new people.

This is the age to date and where do people go on dates: they go drinking or to the movies.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed like I have, but there are no good movies out this summer. Every time Saturday rolls around my friends and I decided to change things up.

“Let’s go to a movie,” we say.

Next thing we know we’re scrolling on our phones looking for a movie that will entertain us as much as drinks on a patio, dancing, or going out to some lake.

The movie always loses, and it’s off to a friends boat we go.

And it’s not just me who is bored of superheroes saving the world, or remake after remake after remake.

Summer movies are in a slump, just like a Saskatchewanite anxiously waiting for the snow to melt in May.

Summer box-office revenue is down 12 per cent in North America compared to last year, making it one of the worst declines the industry has seen in nearly a decade. Hollywood studio-executives are blaming it on a lack of blockbuster hits.

Many films have bombed this summer including recent comedy Tammy, making $32.9 million in five days and resulting in Melissa McCarthy’s lowest recent opening. (Thank goodness for that. She was wonderful in Gilmore Girls and great in Bridesmaids, but ever since those projects ended I just want to scream good riddance).

This is the problem with Hollywood. They keep recycling the same material with the same actors and same story lines. We want something fresh.

More bad news for the industry: revenue for the Fourth of July weekend was only $130 million. Last year’s same weekend made $229.8 million. Now it’s starting to look like this will be the first summer since 2001 that no movie will reach $300 million at the North American box office.

This has got everyone asking what’s up with this summer movie drought. I’ll tell you: actual summer. We’re not mindless robots. We go to the movies to laugh, to cry, to be scared, to feel. If we can’t do that sitting in a theatre for two hours, we will find other ways to do it, and I do.

Mickey Djuric can be reached at 306-691-1263 or @Mickey_MJTimes.

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