Horoscopes shouldn't dictate how you live

Lisa Goudy
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I've never understood people who take horoscopes seriously.

Lisa Goudy

Sure, they provide great entertainment sometimes. I know without hesitation that my horoscope is a Virgo and my Chinese Zodiac sign is a horse.

However, I don't take them seriously. As much as some aspects are true sometimes, I believe astrology or moon signs can't and most certainly shouldn't dictate who we are, what we do with our lives or when's a good time to take a chance or not do something.

The word horoscope comes from the Greek word horoscopos, meaning hour watcher, according to the website, Horoscopes Within.

According to an article on the Pacific Standard: The Science of Society website, more than 60 years of research show that people read into horoscopes what they want to read. If that's what we use to motivate ourselves to achieve a goal we have in mind, then they can be useful.

But because we read into them what we want to read, 100 per cent accuracy isn't possible. Horoscopes are often very vague, worded to play on our emotions and relate it to our situations.

Then we say to ourselves, "Wow. This horoscope is really accurate." In fact, it's not the horoscope that's accurate; it's what we choose to read out of them.

A recent horoscope for a Sagittarius, for instance, that appeared in the Times-Herald last week, read: "Something behind the scenes is raining on your parade. That's why you feel discouraged today. Fortunately, this is temporary. Lighten up! Optimism is a survival issue for you."

While this certainly could be true for any Sagittarius, it's also equally as likely true for someone who has a different sign. A lot of people face issues of pessimism and need to be reminded that being optimistic is better for everyone.

That's only one example of a daily horoscope. Overall, each horoscope has general descriptors such as selfless, outgoing, curious et cetera.

Sometimes, yes, it describes us perfectly. Just as often, though, we'll know someone with a sign whose personality is the total opposite of what the horoscope claims it should be.

And that leads me back to the earlier point - we read what we want to read out of them. Horoscopes can be used for anything, but we always have control over who we are and what we do with each and every day of it.

We will always have the gift of choice. Rather than listen to horoscopes, we're far better off making the most of every day to the best of our ability. We won't all have good days. Things won't always go our way. Sometimes, after trying to reach a goal for so long and having it not come to fruition, it's tempting to give up. We all feel this way now and then. That's a part of life.

To anyone feeling that way or to anyone needing a boost of positivity, here is something to consider - Life is a mix of stormy and calm waters. During the storm, you can feel weak, sad and alone. It will soak you to your bones and whip you around. It can engulf you in cold and in the dark for a while.

But hope is never lost. In time, the storm will pass. It will give way to the light. The sun will come out. Then you will feel strong, safe, happy and together with people around you. You will feel warm, basking in the sunlight. So do not give up. Never, ever give up on your dreams.

Lisa Goudy can be reached at 306-691-1289 or follow her on Twitter @lisagoudy

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