Pants make the man, or at least make him look better

Carter Haydu
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I matured a little over the past few days. I got pants.

One of the first things most people recognize about me is that I am always sporting a pair of blue Levi. Perhaps it’s just the nature of my casual-wear job, or perhaps I really have just become reliant on the one style of bottoms that goes with everything, but the fact remains I am all about the denim trousers.

But I’ve turned over a new leaf. Last week I had opportunity to purchase some tight-fitting kaki pants, and I took it. I am the proud owner of three such articles of clothing and so far, so good.

The best part has been the compliments. Perhaps this should just serve as a sign I don’t update by wardrobe often enough, but people have noticed the pants. There is a thrill I feel when the folks in my department say “nice pants,” or “looking good C.H.”

It’s almost enough for me to get into clothing styles — almost.

My main obstacle to becoming the sort of person who dresses wicked awesome everyday is that I really am blind to what looks good. In fact, I suffer from that particularly male affliction of being completely unable to tell what colours go with what. On more than one occasion I’ve been politely informed my wardrobe did not match. My response has typically been, “why?”

And so rather than stumble blindly through the world of fashion in wretched clothes that do not match, I’ve searched for rules with which I might dress myself in the morning.

For example, all men look good in blazers, so I make blazers a staple in my everyday wardrobe. Further, one cannot wear white socks in any context outside the gym, so neither do I. A white shirt, on the other hand, looks good in most contexts — thus most contexts find me in a white shirt. And, most importantly, everything goes with blue jeans.

With that in mind, I have fallen into a relative clothing comfort zone — rarely daring to go outside the simple and basic rules with which I conduct myself.

However, last week I took a small step in a different direction. Due to funeral-attending obligations, I was forced to purchase something a tad classier than my everyday standard.

To make a short story long, I am no longer a denim puritan — and I’m thrilled! What’s best about the pants is I asked the salesperson to assist me in picking an appropriate pair and, apparently, my new pants are very well fitting to my particular body type.

I feel slimmer, fitter and more productive in my most excellent pants. I guess the lesson of this little adventure is, it’s occasionally good to venture out of one’s comfort zone, as the outcome might be surprising in its awesomeness.

And if any of you, my loyal readers, are thinking I’ve reached a new low by writing an entire column about some pants I bought last week — worry not. I’ll think of something better to write about for next Saturday.


Carter Haydu can be reached at 691-1265.

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