You can hide but you can't run

Austin M.
Austin M. Davis
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Hating something requires dedicating time and energy to the hating process and I would rather ignore something than hate it.

But, dear readers, I can assure you that I truly hate cowards.

Loathe, detest, abhor, despise.

We live in an age ruled by cowards.

The object of my hatred is now becoming quite consuming of both my time and energy.

I’m sure cowards existed before the dawn of the Internet but now they run rampant on my favorite medium.

Before, I assumed it was reserved for Youtube comments and threads in forums. Then my beloved Twitter got ambushed by the mostly cowardly, spineless organism you could imagine.

An account was made devoted to sharing gossip about the University of Regina. Originally it seemed the concept was very Robin Hood-esque, that the anonymous tweeter would be sharing hidden dirt about the Students’ Union executive, the operations of the school, or maybe the thing that calls itself a student paper.

Instead, the coward targeted students.

Mostly it was old gossip about what some young woman had done in high school, or about a man being on a bunch of dating sites.

Essentially, it was duds.

I have no patience for clowns.

I unfollowed the account and made a couple remarks.

The next tweet was directed at yours truly. They were nearly as unflattering as they were false and libelous.

Gossip is like initiation in Saskatchewan so I know how to deal with people talking ill of me.

Not to be arrogant but I think I handled a bad situation like a boss.

I even invited him/her onto my live talk show at the campus bar, The Owl. He/she disrespectfully declined (as cowards often do).

A reporter from another organization contacted me to talk about it and I didn’t think I wanted to.

I still don’t like feeding the cowardly fire but I’m truly disgusted by what that person’s life must be like.

I’m not mentioning the name of the account because I know how sick minds like that person’s work: every mention is a victory.

I’m brushing over details because it’s irrelevant what that coward said about me or anyone else. The fact is that someone like that was able to hide and take shots at people who have their faces and names attached to their accounts.

My face and name are attached to my show at The Owl. My face and name are attached to the very column that you’re reading (for online readers, just my name, unfortunately for you).

I’m held accountable for everything I write and I suppose that’s a pressure that isn’t for everyone.

If you don’t like what I write in a column you can stop me on the street and let me know. I’m ok with civil discussion.

I do this job because of the people.

The people I work with, the people I get to talk to and tell me their stories and the people that read what I write. That’s why I do what I do and that’s why I adore it.

Let the anonymous commenting begin.


Organizations: The Owl, University of Regina

Geographic location: Saskatchewan

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