Crazy weather all the more reason to get outside

Lisa Goudy
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By Lisa Goudy

The sun shone brightly in the sky, its ultraviolet rays penetrating my skin. A slight breeze brushed my cheek as I took a walk down Main Street earlier this week. It was another gorgeous summer day, with the temperatures easily in the mid-to-high 20s.

By the time I returned to the office, it occurred to me that not even a week ago, I had woken up to a Winter Wonderland, with white snow covering the grass and lining the rooftops. Not to mention that by the next day or two after the snow, there were puddles from the rain gathered in the streets. The day after I took the walk, the weather was cold and dreary. So what’s with this weather?

As a homegrown Saskatchewan resident, I’m used to these rapid weather shifts. Although my body hasn’t seemed to ever fully adjust to our climate, I’m never too surprised to see hot, wet and cold all in the same week.

But when a good friend of mine said that it seemed the weather had skipped spring, I began to realize just how crazy the weather has been behaving lately.

It turns out this warm weather isn’t even average for this time of year. According to the Weather Network the temperature reached plus 27 Celsius on Monday. The normal for that date is plus 14. By Wednesday, the temperature dropped to plus 10, which as it turns out, is normal weather for this time of year.

The warmer than normal weather and constant weather shifts - even in just the past week and a half - is all the more reason that everyone should get outside when possible. And it doesn’t even have to be doing sports.

Take me for example. I don’t play very many sports. Sure, I watch sports, especially CFL, but I’m not on any sports teams, nor have I tried and failed to get on any sports teams. However, that didn’t stop me from spending as much time as I could outside this week, or ever for that matter.

Let’s face it. I might wake up any day to a modern version of Singing in the Rain (or snow). I spent a lot of time outside on my deck this week reading my book in a lounge chair, simply soaking up the heat rays after a hard day’s work. I went for walks every time the weather was warm. If I had my bike here, I probably would’ve gone for a ride around the city. Alas, being new to the city, my bike is still in Regina. I can honestly say that I didn’t expect the weather to get as warm as it did. When the weather turned ugly, I was beyond happy that I’d spent as much time outside as I had.

The point is that you don’t have to be big into sports or outdoors at all to be able to get out of your office or your home. There is no denying that our climate is changing, but, as geologists put it, it’s totally normal for the earth to go through changing weather patterns. I’m not going to tell you that it must be getting close to the end of the world as you hear far too often nowadays. I find that the best solution to a crop of good weather is to get outside and enjoy it while you can.

Geographic location: Saskatchewan, Regina

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