Satellite vs. cable: The same only different

Lisa Goudy
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Ever since I moved to Moose Jaw last month, I’ve been a subscriber to SaskTel Max. This was a change for me because back in Regina, I had a dish with Bell for satellite television. The last time I had cable was a long time ago and I always remembered not liking it very much. This dislike was heightened when I first had experience with a satellite dish.

So naturally when I decided to sign up for SaskTel Max because of a promotion, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from cable.

However, my initial notions about cable television have changed. Cable is much improved from what I remember. You don’t have to wait and watch as the screen rolls down through the channels to find out what’s on television and what you want to watch. In fact, it operates very much like a satellite dish except without the dish. Of course the channel numbers are different, but that’s a minor difference.

I am now in a position to compare and contrast my experience with SaskTel Max and Bell Satellite television. While I can’t speak to any other companies, it doesn’t mean they are not also very good options. For me to comment on those without experience would be illogical. I’ll stick with what I know.

I have concluded that you can’t go wrong with either satellite or cable. Each has its own benefits, not nearly all of which I can mention here.

One option I love about cable and satellite is having a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) for Bell or a Digital Television Recorder (DTVR) with Max. I’ve never liked watching television with commercials. I find the commercials are too loud in volume and interrupt the flow of the show. That said I more than understand why they are there and why they aren’t going anywhere. My solution is to record my favourite shows and watch them at my own convenience. PVRs and DTVRs work rather similarly and I’d highly recommend getting one with satellite or cable.

The biggest difference for me between satellite and cable is with movies. With Bell satellite there are pay-per-vu channels that regularly change what movies they offer. You can select a movie to watch by selecting it to record for a price.

Then you can set it to record at a certain time and have it to watch whenever you please. If you subscribe to a movie channel, such as Movie Central, you can check to see what movies they offer and record it to watch later.

In contrast, on SaskTel Max you have Video on Demand, which allows you to see movie selections that regularly change.

But instead of having to record a movie, you simply push rent, authorize the fee and you have it to watch either right then or for later. But if you wait too much later, your rental will be up within two or three days and the movie will simply disappear from your list of recordings, which is just like it used to be in non-digital rental stores.

Of course if you subscribe to the Movie Central channel, you have subscription on demand and you simply push play on your selected movie of choice.

I have mixed feelings on which method is better. On the one hand, it’s easier to select a movie, rent it and push play without having to wait for it to record. But on the other, it’s easier not to have as many time restrictions on when to watch it.

If I had to choose satellite or cable, I can’t say which one I would choose because I like them both. They have different ways of doing things, sure, but neither is superior to the other from my point of view. It’s just a matter of choice.

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Geographic location: Moose Jaw, Regina

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  • dan spott
    May 18, 2012 - 23:09

    S'tel or satellite??? why not Shaw...they have """LOCAL""" programs each day on chanel 10....Satellite give nothing to the community..and S'tel just a little, only when they get promotion from it. Shaw give a complete chanel to local events.

  • Mal Adjusted
    May 18, 2012 - 22:40

    This could all change on an almost monthly basis.