Party safe on the August long weekend

Lisa Goudy
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The August long weekend is nearly upon us. At the end of the day for many people, myself included, we can get off work and have fun on the long weekend.

But I think we should all remember to make sure we party safely on the weekend. Whether it’s a trip out to the lake, a campground or heading to house parties, it only makes sense to stay safe.

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed Saskatchewan Day. Having an extra day off mid-summer is great, especially when the weather’s nice and I can spend that much more time enjoying it.

Some people might see it as the beginning of the end of the summer. While I suppose this is true to an extent, I prefer to look at it for what it was meant to be - a holiday celebrating Saskatchewan culture. It just so happens to also offer a timely break in the middle of the summer.

As a result, there are lots of events taking place over the weekend. There are celebrations at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park during the whole weekend, for example, including First Nations Cooking 101, campfire stories, a cowboy feast and horse drawn wagon rides.

A big event on the weekend is the Connect Music Festival at the Besant Campground. While I’ve never been to the festival, now in its 17th year, I’ve heard it’s an electronic music and alternative culture festival. After reading up on it, two things came to mind immediately. First, it sounds like kind of a big deal, but that could be just because I keep hearing people talk about it. Second, it sounds like if people aren’t careful, it could end up being a lot of trouble.

I’ve always been careful about the way that I party or celebrate. If I’m going to be drinking alcohol, I’ll make the appropriate arrangements to get home safely. We hear the slogan Don’t Drink and Drive all the time and it's true.

You’d think by now it would sink in that having alcohol cloud your mind while attempting to drive a motor vehicle is a serious recipe for trouble and by doing so you run the risk of getting people hurt or killed, including yourself.

But yet we still see or read about people who are caught driving impaired. It’s not a hard decision. You either make sure you get home safely or you run the risk of you and your friends getting hurt. It should be the utmost priority when partying.

It’s not just alcohol that we should party safe with. It’s just the partying in general, such as partying with friends and keeping control of our common sense. It’s always good to hear that the police consider the weekend safety their top priority. That should certainly help the situation,

If everyone remembers to drive alert and carefully and to stick with friends when out at a party, we can all do our part to help prevent a dangerous or even fatal situation.

I plan on having a fun time this weekend as I’m sure all of us do that don’t have to work. I know that whatever I end up doing, I’ll take the necessary precautions so the night doesn’t end in a disaster. Parties are supposed to be fun, but one stupid decision can ruin the night or possibly end it permanently for you or someone else.

So just remember to party safe and have a good time. That way the statutory holiday meant to celebrate our culture in Saskatchewan can actually be that with everyone staying as safe as they can.

Organizations: First Nations Cooking 101

Geographic location: Saskatchewan, Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

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