Lamenting summer's end and preparing for the new school year

Aaron Stuckel
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With the August long weekend come and gone, the peak of the summer season has passed and the slow, grueling build up back to the school mindset has left me both excited and absolutely dreading the months that lie ahead.

That’s right, I have less than one month left before I head back to classes at the University of Regina, and with a slow week here in Moose Jaw and sick feeling in my stomach at the thought of giving any more media attention to the Summer Olympics, I’m left to discuss my goals for the next 4 weeks. Why? Because it’s the middle of summer and deep thought should only be reserved for days below freezing temperatures. But also, these tips are great for anyone who is attending university for the first time and will leave you mentally prepared for the hell you are about to go through.

So, goal number one: Get my act together.

As winter draws near and first semester threatens to eat up your time and that thing formally known as a social life, having your affairs in order can go a long way in reducing stress. Get your student loan applications filled out earlier rather than later, and the same of buying your books. Get your student cards and registration taken care of as soon as possible, and if you need a job throughout the year, find one soon. If you haven’t found a place to live, you are late and it only gets harder from here. There’s nothing worse than worrying about these details midway through September. The first couple weeks of university are mostly a big party and you don’t want to miss out on all the shenanigans because you have to run around getting your life organized.

Goal number two: Take advantage of the rest of the summer.

You are about to enter a world of darkness, cold weather, and six months of living in stuffy old buildings filled with miserable students. Once school starts, it’s impossible to empty your brain of the things you need to do, which is something I’ve always felt important to maintain sanity. Sleeping in on the weekend is essential, as is reading for fun and playing video games. Any time you are able to spend at a beach with a cold…uh… water is a plus. Other things that top that list are eating lavish meals at over-priced restaurants and drinking copious amounts of…water. Seriously though, hydration is important.

Goal number three: Be awesome.

I’m sorry I have no tips for this, as it is something that comes naturally. However, you can try being your own person, living life to the fullest, or anything else that comes up on your wall on Facebook that gives straight facts on what it means to be awesome. You can also try speaking to Dave Grohl who seems to be a master of it. (Really though, three goals just seemed better than two. I know. It’s hard to believe that I’m just making this stuff up as I go along.)

So now you have an idea of what it takes to prepare for the wraths of hell that is university. Don’t be scared if your preparation plans vary from mine. You’ll probably be a better student than me anyway.

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