Farewell Moose Jaw. It's been a slice

Aaron Stuckel
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It seems like yesterday that I was writing one of these columns for the first time. I think back to it with slight embarrassment. Scrambling to think of something worth saying, I ended up saying not much at all and resorted to the “I’ve got nothing to write” column. What a good way to pigeonhole yourself for when you actually have nothing to write.

But things have gotten easier as I’ve grown in this industry, and here in my last column as I finish up my internship here at the Times-Herald, I feel it necessary to reflect on what I’ve learned in the last five months.

Though I have a long way to go and a lot left to learn, the confidence I’ve gained working at this paper has expanded immensely, and I’ve been flattered at the few congratulatory calls I’ve received regarding topics I’ve brought up. It is nice to know sometimes that people actually read what you are writing, and although you might not agree with what I am saying, it’s encouraging knowing I’ve inspired thought.

I’ve learned that much of a journalists job is to present the facts to open debates regarding what is happening in the community. And judging from what I’ve seen, this newsroom succeeds in that capacity. The people I work with have been my biggest inspiration, and I’m encouraged to see the elders of my trade fight for truth and honour in an industry based on maintaining contacts, selling ads, and walking the line. To me, there is nothing more important to our freedom and the democracy we live in than knowing the unbiased facts about what is going on around you, and the journalists here at the Times-Herald don’t get paid enough for the work the do in trying to achieve that goal.

I’ve also learned a lot about this great friendly city. I have to admit that I didn’t even know the name of the mayor before starting here, but I’ve come to see what an amazing place this is. With that being said, I don’t think the people of Moose Jaw realize what they have here. With a beautiful downtown core, a rich history, and one of the safest cities in Saskatchewan, this place is easily the best place to live in this province. Moose Jaw breathes potential and I’m interested to see what the next set of elected officials can bring to the table. Though there is a lot this city has to offer, tourism is where it’s at and I’d love to see where the next city council could take it.

I want to thank you, Moose Jaw, for allowing me to grow as a journalist. The stories I’ve written and the correction notices that followed have taught me that what I do is important, and everybody wants to do something important.

I also want to thank the Times-Herald for buying in to the University of Regina Journalism School’s internship program. We know how lucky we are to get this experience and we appreciate every second of the opportunity.

I’m going to miss this place, especially the people I’ve met and worked with. It’s going to be hard to go back to the school lifestyle, sitting in libraries breathing in the smell of old books and feet. But at least now I know where it is taking me. This blank white screen no longer feels like it’s about to swallow me up and spit me back out in despair. This screen is a window of opportunity, and one that I will seize with vigor and honour.

Thank you all for reading. Stay classy Moose Jaw.



Organizations: Times-Herald, University of Regina Journalism School

Geographic location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

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