No need to rush from event to event

Lisa Goudy
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I remember seeing the first advertisement for back-to-school in early July this year.

That is probably the earliest I personally have ever seen advertisements for back-to-school. Elementary and high school students only get out of school closer to the end of June. I don’t see the need to wish their few months off away almost as soon as it begins. After all, students should be able to enjoy the summer without worrying about heading back to school for another year while they’re still kids.

But it’s not just back-to-school stuff. Not long after the middle of August, I learned that my parents received the Sears Holiday Wish Book in the mail. When I was younger, it often came in the mail at the end of August or early September. Now it has been issued even sooner.

It probably won’t be long before Halloween costumes and decorations come out. It’s highly possible they already have. As soon as Halloween is done, expect Christmas decorations to come out. Right after Christmas, it’ll be Valentine’s Day things and then just after that, you’ll see Easter things. Not long after Easter — depending on what month it falls in — you’ll start to see back-to-school things.

I think I can guess at the motives for putting things out for holidays and times of years increasingly early. It’s all about making money. That’s what businesses are for. I can understand that. What I can’t understand is why there seems to be a constant push to wish away the time that we have.

Take summer for example. In this province, summer is short enough as it is. We only have June, July, August and usually most of September (which is why my fingers are crossed that the summer-like weather is going to return next week). We don’t need to be bombarded with advertisements for Christmas or back-to-school when it’s still summertime. I want to enjoy the rest of my summer while it’s summer instead of worrying about what I’m going to get whom for Christmas before it’s even cold outside.

Then there is the rush from one holiday to the next. Between Halloween and Christmas, I can sort of understand. While I admit I’m not the one to start my Christmas shopping particularly early, I can understand why some people might want or need to start at the end of October or early November. Sometimes it’s a lot to prepare for.

Stores coming out with decorations for the next holiday as soon as one is over seems pre-emptive to me. I don’t see the point in rushing through each one. It makes it seem that it’s almost more important to think of the next holiday instead of taking some time to reflect on how good the one holiday was.

To look at all of the occasions I’ve mentioned through a wider lens, in the grand scheme of things humans don’t live very long. We’re each pretty much a raindrop caught in a big storm known as life. While it’s true that some people are lucky enough to live past 100 years old, time will keep going once we’re gone. After all, humans have been around for tens of thousands of years and suddenly 100 years doesn’t seem so long anymore.

But when we’re living our lives, especially when you’re younger, hopefully for a lot of us it feels like a long time. We don’t know how many years we’ll be lucky enough to have. I think we should enjoy each day since it’s impossible to know which moment will be our last.

I don’t want to rush through my life from event to event without having the adequate amount of time to enjoy each event. I’d rather live in the moment and enjoy my life to the fullest for as long as I possibly can. Sometimes we just need to slow things down.

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