“The name’s Bond. James Bond” — a look at 007

Lisa Goudy
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Friday is the release date of the 23rd official James Bond film, Skyfall.

I am an avid Bond fan. I have seen all 22 official films and have every intention of going to see the newest one at some point. Most of them I enjoyed. James Bond, Agent 007 for the British Secret Service, is the world’s most famous spy and is always associated with his key quote, “The name’s Bond. James Bond,” first made famous by actor Sean Connery.

In my opinion, Bond is classic. After all, it is the longest-running film franchise in cinema history and according to Cineplex Magazine, it spans 50 years and 2,897 minutes of screen time.

Yes, at times the gadgets and things Bond accomplishes are ridiculous. But him saving the world, ordering martinis “shaken, not stirred” and being the classic spy is what makes good Bond movies so much fun to watch. I believe that, if done right, Bond has the potential to last many more years.

Ian Fleming created the character of Bond and drew on a lot of inspiration from his experiences and friends. According to the Ian Fleming official website, he was trained as a journalist. He worked as an assistant to the director of naval intelligence in London during the Second World War.

After the war, he became a foreign manager in charge of foreign correspondents for Kemsley newspapers. He published his first Bond book, Casino Royale, in 1952 at the age of 43. He wrote 12 books and two short story collections before his death in 1964 at the age of 56. And, still in 2012, the legacy Fleming created lives on.

The Bond movie franchise has been able to survive for half a century. Six actors have played Bond in films over 50 years ever since Sean Connery starred in the 1962 movie Dr. No. Connery starred in six films, George Lazenby in one and Roger Moore in seven. Timothy Dalton was Bond in two films, Pierce Brosnan was in four and Daniel Craig has been in three so far.

I’ll admit I don’t believe 2008’s Quantum of Solace should be included in the Bond category. While some say it was a great action movie, I say it went against everything that was Bond and I did not enjoy it.

That was not a Bond movie, not really. Ignoring the fact that the villain was not threatening (taking control over 60 per cent of one country’s water supply and always running away — really?), it just didn’t have the feel of Bond. It was more focused on revenge over one girl than it was on the iconic Bond going against tough villains to save the world or at least part of it. It was missing that classic style that had become associated with Bond.

I know there are people that disagree with me and that’s OK. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. But when I heard there was going to be another Bond movie after Quantum of Solace, I wondered if the film producers would be able to put a defibrillator to Bond’s chest and revive the Bond I know and love.

After watching the trailer I am convinced it will be a great Bond movie (or at least that’s my hope). My cousin said he saw the midnight screening of the show and said it was a fantastic movie with lots of little things from old Bond movies in it and it would appeal to Bond lovers. Now I’m really excited to see it at some point. It seems like Bond is back. I hope it doesn’t disappoint when I get around to seeing it.

Either way, Bond has become a bit of a legend. It doesn’t matter if Skyfall is a good movie or not, even though I believe it will be. With or without it, there is no doubt Bond’s legacy will not soon be forgotten.

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