Allocating daily me-time

Lisa Goudy
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At this time of year in particular it’s really easy to get stressed out.

Not only is it in the middle of your post-Christmas rush —which too can be stressful if you let it — but it takes a bit of time to get back into the swing of things. Not to mention that last week we were blasted with another snowstorm and then this week we had more snow and a bit of rain with warmer temperatures.

I believe it’s critical to schedule what I like to call me-time. Me-time includes doing anything you like to do while maintaining an active lifestyle to de-stress and enjoy life.

There are many ways to relax and keep your stress levels down. Sometimes all it takes is to cuddle up with some hot chocolate and a book or chilling back and watching some television or a movie. It might be hanging out with friends or family. Those can be very effective options and I certainly take part in them on a regular basis. All are great ways to help prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed and burned out.

While I whole-heartedly encourage those things, I also encourage doing something to stay active at the same time. If you’re not into winter sports, it’s very tempting to just sit back and not get your required exercise. For me personally what does the trick is yoga.

Ever since I decided to try out The Yoga Loft’s Yoga in the Park over the summer, I’ve been hooked on yoga and I’ve been going on a weekly basis. I find yoga is a great way to de-stress, get some deep stretching and exercise while having a good time to boot.

I would certainly encourage anyone who hasn’t tried it to give it a shot no matter how young or old you are because there are always beginner classes available at local yoga studios. That way you can keep active and de-stress to live a healthier lifestyle.

But I realize yoga isn’t for everyone and there isn’t anything wrong with that. However, there are other ways to de-stress and stay in shape. Hitting the gym is an easy example. Indoor facilities such as YaraCentre have a track and other programs for you to stay in shape.

Even something as simple as a walk around your neighbourhood or your complex is a good way to keep moving. You’ll be amazed at how easily a little bit of exercise can do you well.

On its website, Health Canada stated physical activity helps healthy growth and development and it gives us energy while making us stronger. It is also proven to decrease stress, prevent chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease and prolong independence as we age.

That’s all the more reason for people to get active. Just make sure you enjoy it. If you enjoy it you’re far more likely to keep doing it. That’ll go a long way for your allocated me-time.

It’s also important to stick to a schedule. I allot time to do my yoga every week no matter how busy I get (unless of course I’m going away for whatever reason). But whether it’s yoga or other type of exercise it’s important to schedule that time whenever you can.

So make sure you leave room for me-time every day. Trust me, the benefits will amaze you and make part of your day just a little bit better.

Organizations: Health Canada

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