Hi-ho, hi-ho it's off to work I go

Lyndsay McCready
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After a year of juggling kids, dogs, a husband and as much sleep as I could fit in, I have added another task o my daily to-do list and headed back to work.

I remember the last time I re-entered the workforce after my daughter was born.

I was only able to take eight out of the 12 months of my maternity leave due to the exciting news we were expecting another baby.

Although the news of the new arrival was beyond exciting, I was saddened by the fact that I had to leave my little princess so early.

I couldn’t help but think about all of the milestones I might miss; walking, new words, new foods and so on. Going back to work was bittersweet.

On one hand I would get to have adult conversations, with adults, on the other, I would be missing baby talk with my new best buddy.

My heart was conflicted.

Fast-forward a year and a half later and oh how times have changed.

Although sad to be leaving my babies once again, I know they are in good hands.

Now before I say another word I just want to make it very clear, I love my children more than anything on this planet or in the universe, but we all need a break sometimes.

All the moms and dads out there who spend day-in and day-out taking care of their most precious gifts know exactly what I am talking about.

Yes you love your children and spending time with them is the best, but so is spending time with adults.

Love and patience can only take you so far before the hair pulling, whining and daily arguments with a toddler have you, pulling your hair, whining to whoever will listen and arguing with a toddler … who knew someone could be so smart and manipulative at the age of two?

Perhaps it is the lack of sleep on my part, but my daughter has a sneaky way of getting what she wants without actually asking for it.

Baby: Juice, juice, juice.

Mommy: What? You want a juice?

Baby: OK, you get me juice, (smile).

Really? Did that just happen? And my 11-month-old isn’t any better.

Whether he is bashing his sister’s toys, smashing the remote off the floor, mashing every key on the keyboard or having lunch at the “dog dish café,” this little man is a boys-boy and keeps this tired mommy on her toes.

It’s funny how with baby No. 1 you push for every milestone, compare progress with other moms, and by compare I mean compete, and capture every moment via camera or video.

Baby No. 2, they stand, you gently sit them back down. Walking is over-rated. Another mom brags about what their kid can do, you smile and nod. Who has time to compare baby notes with other moms, I just want to sit in silence and drink a coffee. As for digging out the camera, I try, I really do, but getting two children under the age of two to sit for more than 10 seconds, well, if you can do that you are my hero and deserve a hero cookie.

Anyway back to the point at hand, going back to work. Sure I was a bit sad the first day, but then I got to the office, it was quiet, I drank a HOT cup of coffee and proceeded to talk about things like education, politics and health.

By 4 p.m. I was ready to see my babies and hear about their day, but from 8 a.m. to 3:50 p.m. I am more than happy to sit at my desk, do my work and forget about dirty diapers, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and who pulled whose hair.

Awe silence.

Mommy loves you babies.

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