Who is Amber?

Lyndsay McCready
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Who is Amber?

This is a question my husband and I had been asking ourselves for months.

Is she real? Is she a toy? Is she a friend?

This question had us racking our brains every time we heard the name.

And now I am sure I have all of you asking the same question, who is Amber?

Well it all started back in October. I was reading in bed, the house was quiet and my babies were both fast asleep, or so I thought. As I was about to close my book, turn off the lights and go to bed, I was startled by a quiet voice coming from my daughter’s room.

As I got up and move towards the hall, the voice becomes clearer and the soft giggles become louder. Clearly my daughter was sleep talking … or was she?

 I proceeded to sit and listen just beyond the door and quickly realized she was not sleeping talking, in fact she was not sleeping at all, she was sitting up in bed, having a conversation with Amber.

Slowly I moved into the room and asked, “what are you doing hunny?” Slightly stunned to see me standing there, she answered “nothing mommy.”

Freaking out just a little bit, I asked another question, “who is Amber sweetie?”

She didn’t reply, just laid down, asked for her blanky, her sucky  and said “love you mommy.”

Letting my overactive imagination run away with itself, I began running through every person I knew, every show that we watched and every logical explanation for who this Amber could be. After processing all the information, I came to the rational conclusion … my house must be haunted.

What other reasonable explanation could there be? Who else could she be talking too? And most importantly, how do we ask our new friend Amber to please go away because she is scaring baby’s mommy.

After what seemed like hours of laying awake, listening to the once, not so spooky, creeks of my house, I finally fell asleep. When I awoke I was hoping Amber would be gone, my baby would be rested and we could go out and play with some real children.

As we are walking out the door to go to our play date I hear my daughter shout out a quick order, “come on Amber. Follow me.”

My goodness. Really? So again I ask, “who is Amber?” And again I get no answer. Amber proceeded to join us on our play date, accompanied us to the store and was becoming permanent a fixture in our everyday lives.

It was driving me crazy not know where Amber came from and she  had morphed from being invisible to real.

Amber was no longer just the ghost my daughter picked up in her room, she was now every single person we met. If you are female, your name must be Amber according to my daughter.

After venting my frustration to another mom she explained imaginary friends are normal and furthermore, they are a good sign because it means my daughter is using her imagination.

Finding some comfort in this explanation I began to accept Amber into our lives, however was still perplexed by her back story. Where did she come from?

Fast forward three months.

I was in the kitchen cooking supper when I hear, “come on Amber, follow me.” Only this time it wasn’t my daughter’s voice making the command, it was coming from the TV.

Looking up to see what my daughter was watching, I realized it was one of her new favourite shows, Disney’s Sophia the First.

Amber is Sofia’s sister and my daughter was pretending to be Sofia.

This revelation was beyond exciting and a relief.

I could now confidently say, my house is not haunted.


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