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Resolution is important in any tragedy. Just ask the family and friends of Nola Belisle.

    Fifteen years ago today, Belisle set off on a walk along the Trans-Canada Highway from Moose Jaw to Regina. The Legion Brach 59 employee wanted to raise money for a van to drive handicapped people around for the Legion. She and another employee set off for what they expected would be a journey that left them with blisters, sore feet and tired muscles. At no time would it have crossed their minds one of the them would never return home.

    But as the day was drawing to an end near Pense, a half ton truck came up from behind Belisle in the eastbound lane and clipped her, sending her body hurtling into the ditch. It all happened quite quickly and although at the time witnesses reported the truck as having Alberta licence plates, no one actually got the number. The driver of the blue, extended cab truck sped off without bothering to get out and check on Belisle.

    For 15 years police have searched for that truck. It could be anywhere now, any colour with plates from any province. It could be crushed into a cube of steel.

    But someone out there knows what happened that day. The driver has never come forward. Instead, this coward continues to let Belisle's family and friends suffer with no answers, no resolution.

    Others probably know something that could lead police to the driver. Out of some distorted sense of loyalty, they stay quiet. They value their friendship with this person more than they value human life. But someday, someone will have their own personal reason to come forward. They can't stand the secrets anymore. They hate the lies. Or they too are disgusted by what happened 15 years ago.

    You don't have to have known Belisle to care. You don't have to have known her to be disgusted by what happened. And you don't have to have known her to want resolution.

    We like things in order. We want conclusions. We want resolution.

Organizations: Trans-Canada Highway

Geographic location: Moose Jaw, Regina, Alberta

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