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Servers don’t always get the respect they deserve. This lack of respect is often heightened at drinking establishments.

Servers can’t pick what days they work or what customers act mature and show respect towards them. As such, it is hard to imagine the thought of working a shift with a number of drunkards would be appealing.

People are sometimes over served, or enter an establishment with a blood alcohol level that’s exceedingly high and continue to knock back drinks.

According to societal norms, the majority of said individuals are young adults between the ages of 19-29.

Excessively consuming alcohol not only puts you in a dazed state of mind — just wait until the morning after — but at times results from partaking in actions a sober person might not even consider doing.

However, when a person’s alcohol intake level has passed the point of no return, that’s when things go wrong — and they almost did last Friday night at one of Moose Jaw’s favourite waterholes.

A waitress was serving a table of four young men. The customers were not, at first, unruly or acting difficult.

However, after nearly two hours of consuming beers and shots of hard alcohol — you could hear what they were ordering from a few tables away — the actions and tone of one man’s voice began to change.

He was clearly drunk and needed to be cut off.

Although this call comes down to the server, there are times when bartenders and servers will continue pouring drinks to people who are already drunk as a form of appeasement or in hopes of a higher tip.

However, in this instance, the server did cut him off.

He wasn’t impressed. Although he uttered a few choice words her way, she maintained her stance and refused to serve him another ounce of alcohol.

Eventually, the bill was settled, but not before the drunkard had to be restrained by one of his friends from further verbally threatening the waitress.

He was acting like a drunken idiot, while she was conducting herself in a professional manner, holding back from lashing out at him for his inappropriate behaviour.

An instance like this can be a nightly occurrence at some waterholes, but the poise shown by this waitress earned her a cauldron of respect and we offer a toast to her steadfastness.

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